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Name: Isidoor
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Species: Dwarf

Description: Isidoor is not that tall as his species are meant to be. He has wild blond hair he keeps on the short side, with bushy eyebrows and a fancy beard. His amber eyes look quite friendly despite his hairy appearance. Isidoor likes to wear strong clothing that can take some wear and tear.  
Personality: Isidoor has not lost his dwarven temper. He believes in honour and glory and sometimes dreams of those olden times where one could rise in the ranks and find fame. As it stands, Isidoor is quite famous for his business sense and savvy negotiation skills. He sometimes considers himself a warrior of space commerce, a mercenary travelling the void of space.
Social Circle: Paired to Imke. He likes to spend his time with other dwarves though he isn't small-minded about different races. 
Short Bio: Isidoor was brought up listening to his parents' stories about the old ways. Though he's never seen an actual mining mountain, he's met enough other dwarves to know the feeling of home those places bring to the soul. He met his wife when they were both still children and often crossed paths until they finally made things official a few years back. 

They had danced and eaten and drank (a lot, he enjoyed sampling the fare here!), Imke had shown progress and his feet hardly got tripped on while they were dancing! It was about an hour and a half until midnight, when Isidoor got quite hungry - again. This was nothing new for a dwarf like him, but this was something else. It was visceral, it was very deep in his gut that he felt this.
Before he reached for another slice of ham to put on his plate, Isidoor paused. This was more than just his stomach grumbling, wasn't it?
"It is me, I'm the one hungry... I've been waiting, and I did eat earlier, but..."
Isidoor could tell where that voice was coming from, implanted directly in his mind. He spotted that dark dragon who was 'hiding' under one of the nearby tables that had been left empty by the group there. Its nose poked out and orange eyes looked with a plead in them. 
"I'll be right there!"
Isidoor then rose and looked for one of the 'helper' dragons - they'd been in plentiful supply earlier, but now they were starting to thin because apparently, they too were heading to their chosen friends among attendees. One of them however noticed, and fetched a sort of bucket to carry in its mouth, filled with fresh cut meats for the hungry hatchling.
He went to that table, lifted the cloth so the dragon could leave its hidey-hole. Obviously this dark dragon would be pretty burly, but not tall, and had sharp nubs on its neck - they were quite bright against the dark hide. "Here you go, pal!"
"Taothol! And I will help you see the things you haven't seen yet!"

Name: Taothol (as towel soul TAO thol)
Gender: Neuter (Knock-off)
Size: 4'3" s/l/ws
Build: burly
Physical Features: Technically Pernese, four legs and two wings, horned head with small external ears, faceted eyes, sharp spikes with webbing between on neck and hips/tail, tail fin similar, large conical claws
Colours: Black Pawn 3, rich dark grey body, silver spikes, and checkerboard webbing and wingsails; orange faceted eyes
Stats: Strength 2, Speed 2, Endurance 1, Agility 2, Health 2, Intelligence 4
     * Telepathy (3)
     * Verbal speech (3) 
     * Local and Nexus teleport (3)
     * Unassisted fire breathing (3)
Parents: donor clutch Thaljath + Olelikoth
Bond: Isidoor Impressed
Future: Taothol will love Isidoor's stories of splendor and valour but will be quite happy that the dwarves seem to be all about trading right now. With his high intelligence, he'll be good at bartering. 

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Lantessama Isle
Impressed at
the New Years Eve Checkerboard Ball