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Name: Erwin
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Elf

Description: Erwin has a thin, stern face with a cleft in the chin, a high forehead and straight nose. He has deep red hair that's always slightly too long to be neat. His ears are pointed, but not obviously so. He has green eyes. He often wears garments adorned with feathers.
Personality: Erwin is a true theoretician. He likes to dive deep in books to look for a reason as to why something is the way it is. Though most people wouldn't think twice about the mysteries he solves, each one is precious to him. He is good at debating and has been asked to teach on occasion. 
Social Circle: Erwin practically lives at work and has little time to socialise outside of what's professionally necessary. 
Short Bio: Erwin comes from Elf nobility though that's true for most elves in some way. He never felt privileged and instead felt that he needed to do more to uphold the image his family expected of him. Lately, talking with Esther has loosened him up somewhat but he's still pretty uptight. 

Dancing and drinking, eating and chatting... Everyone was so active even up until the final hour before the midnight bell. Erwin watched many dragons approach his dance group, and they seemed happy enough. He wasn't certain that this trip would bear any fruit, for him anyway.
"I beg to differ", A mental voice proclaimed. "I would like to see what you do, I want to learn how to solve mysteries too."
He turned with wide eyes, to see the checkerboard faced dragon standing there, eye to eye as he sat. This would be... a big 'small' dragon, that was for certain. Erwin caught the sound in his mind, and said, "Ibesheva, I'd be happy to show you around."

Name: Ibesheva (ee BEH shee vah)
Gender: Neuter (Knock-off)
Size: 7' head height biped/l/ws
Build: upright, strong
Physical Features: Azon/Halloween Mutt, bipedal though often can run on all fours, with four legs and two main wings, with large claws on all; small hip-wings (nonfunctional), split-ended tail with spikes and poison stingers; angular head with external ears, sharp back swept horns, webbed head and neck spines; pupiled eyes
Colours: White Pawn 3, pale grey body with brilliant checkerboard markings on tail and muzzle, and on all fins; light horns and claws, dark neck spines; green eyes
Stats: Strength 2, Speed 3, Endurance 3, Agility 3, Health 3, Intelligence 4
     * Verbal Speech (6)
     * Spirit Powers (6)
     * Telepathy (4)
     * Loval and Nexus Teleportation (4)
     * Breath and Poison Stingers (2)
Parents: donor clutch Sheng Stac'ver + Vassago Thain
Bond: Erwin, Voluntary Companionship
Future: will be using their spirit powers to converse with the deceased to solve the mysteries Erwin enjoys reading about. Sometimes this will lead to funny insights while other times the results will be rather disappointing. 

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Lantessama Isle
Met at
the New Years Eve Checkerboard Ball