"Anys!!!" Certi yelled.
Anys kept as silent as he could. Forest elves adore pranks and he was no exception.
Anys and Certi were brothers. Both of them were small pale green creatures with transparent green wings on their back and small feathers at their wrists and ankles. Only their hair and eye colour differed. Anys had short blond hair and deep green eyes, while Certi had short red hair and brown eyes. Both had been born out of the soft dew that touched a willow one early morning.
Finally Anys jumped out as Certi passed him. Both elves burst out laughing and started chasing each other. They continued doing this all morning until they were so tired they just lay down in the grass and with closed eyes enjoyed the summer afternoon.
"I'm bored."
"I know, Our Master hasn't used us often lately."
Certi opened his eyes and looked at the clouds.
"Sad isn't it?"
"Couldn't we just go out and do stuff ourselves?"
a small amount of hope shimmered through those words.
"Maybe, but what if he found out?"

"He's probably forgotten all about us." Anys said.
"You think?"
"Yeah, he used to summon us almost daily to see if we behaved."

Both elves sighed and sat up. They had an entire dimension just for themselves, but the dimension was empty and boring. There wasn't anything to do at all.
"I think it's time we left." Certi said.

"Come on! I found the hole!!" Anys whispered loudly.
Certi came and saw the hole. Both elves smiled at each other. Almost free they were. The hole was small, but elves weren't big. Both Anys and Certi squirmed through and felt the power of being between dimensions.
"We can choose wherever we go!" Certi called.
"Let's look around here first, it would be fun to get back here if we were bored again."
The two little green figures ran around, opening doors and looking out windows into different dimensions.
Suddenly they found him. Their Master. A dried skeleton laying on a dusty chair, pointing a finger at the door. He was obviously dead. Anys kicked him just to be sure, he had kept them prisoner for over 100 years, he might be able to still see them. When the skeleton crumbled to the floor Certi started laughing. Anys joined in. A creepy high sort of giggle that would have raised the neck hairs of the Master, if he had still been alive.

For a while the two elves stayed in the place outside dimensions. Looking in on the different worlds through the windows. Picking carefully what to change and how to have the most fun.
Anys for example liked mass destruction, he enjoyed for example flooding a new planet and her inhabitants that called her Terra. Or he let whole civilisations end by setting them on fire.
Certi liked suffering more than massacres. He said the quality of his tormentings made up for the lack off victims. He enjoyed showing people their most dreaded nightmares, haunting them wherever they went. Slowly killing them. He killed many as time wasn't the same outside dimensions. They could see both past and future and happily wreaked havoc at any time.
But even massacre and torment get boring after a while. The elves felt there had to be more to life than this. They wanted greater evils, more blood and more fun. Most of all, they wanted to be where they killed. They wanted to be feared themselves, not feared as natural disasters or illusions.

One day Certi took the risk. He stepped outside the outside place and into a little dimension with far too many happy people in it. He wanted to scare some woodcutter in the forest. He was blessed by Fate and Certi didn't like it, people should be scared at all times.
He flew up to him and made the scariest faces he could think off. But the woodcutter just smiled at him. That made Certi angry. He found a hole back to the place outside dimensions and made the woodcutter suffer before he died. That'd learn him to mock a forest elve, of course one couldn't learn when dead, but that wasn't the point. Certi wanted to be feared and obviously he wasn't.
Anys came in and said: "Just made a kill and you aren't happy?" He sounded worried.
"The piece of worm food dared to mock me!"
"Good you killed him then." Anys shrugged.
"No! Because we'll always be mocked. We are small and we look friendly. And staying here all the time won't cut it either!!"
"I don't see it, why wouldn't they be afraid of us?"
"Go! Enter a world and you'll know!"
Certi pointed at a random window and looked Anys straight in the eyes, his own eyes burning red.
"ok, I've been wanting to try out this new gimmick called Tornado."
Anys entered the world and watched as the wind reached dangerous speeds. He talked to the first man he saw.
"What do you think of my tornado?"
"Something this big and powerful can't come from a midget like you!"
The man shook his head and waved Anys away as if he was a fly. Immediately Anys killed him by boiling the skin from his bones. That would teach him. Anys tried others, but they all smiled and told him to bugger off.

"Those dimwits!!" Anys yelled as he got back.
"I told you so."
They'd never think we were behind all these things.
"I want some recognition damned!" Anys punched his little fists in the wall.
"Maybe we need reinforcements?" Certi said.
"What do you mean?"
"You know, monsters, ghouls, mindless creatures to help us."
"They are called mindless for a reason, I don't want to be squashed when one sits on me!"
"Then maybe we need intelligent and scary colleagues."
"Where would we find those?"
"Don't know, let's watch our windows."

Hours had passed, Anys and Certi running from one window to the next. When finally Certi yelled, Anys had fallen asleep. He woke up however and flew to the window his brother was looking at.
In the window they saw a grand display of fighting dragons.
"Death has walked that planet many times." Certi said.
"Those look scary enough I should think." Anys said.
"Maybe, but are they violent?"
"They must be. Look at the scenery and colours!"
"You got a point."
"Let's go."

Both elves stepped through the window and entered outside Cy Dragonstake where there new lives would begin. The beginning of pain and torment for all. The beginning of finally being feared.

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Cy DragonStake
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