Run For It!

Blip looked around the shiny metal operating room of the interplanetary cruiser. His eyes nearly googling out of his head, the young bright green Xoryn felt like he was in heaven. His hand reached out toward the big red button…
"Quit it!" Bleep called, slapping Blip’s arm away from the control panel, "No touching, only looking."
"And drooling..." Blip answered, two slivers of saliva really running down his cheek.
"I'm not going to clean that up, doofus." Bleep said with a disgusted look on his face.
Blip’s tongue slobbered and instantaneously his entire face was glistening wet.
"I wish you wouldn't do that." Bleep sighed.
"I am clean now, right?"
Bleep shrugged, looking anywhere but at his brother's face and thus didn't notice him pushing that elusively tempting bright red button Blip had fallen in love with the first time he had seen it. Big was his excitement when lights started flashing all over and sounds erupted from all walls. Sadly his brother too was making noises, and not very happy ones either.
"You dim-witted fool!" Bleep called out, "Why they made you the alpha male I shall never know! You activated the hyper drive stupid! Now you've done it!"
"Will we be punished?"
"We? There is no 'WE' in this, and yeah you will get punished." Bleep calmed down, "When they find us that is. Who knows where you torpedoed us too?"
Sobbing, his older, but slightly retarded brother pointed at the radar: 
"The blip-blip machine tells where we go. Mommy said so."

"Mommy said a lot of things." Bleep sighed, "Like that you wouldn't be any trouble at all." watching the radar to find some sort of massive response nearby that might tell them where they were.
"Great." He said looking back up, "You catapulted us into unknown space."
"Bleep happy about that?" Blip asked.
"Depends. Do you want to be found?"
"Then they punish us?" Blip asked with big round black eyes.
"Then you don't need to worry, they won't find us out here."
Looking at his brother again, Bleep felt he had been too hard on the poor creature. Blip was at least 7 years older than he (though his exact birthdate had been kept a secret from the family - Bleep suspected because no-one else would want to have a baby with the exact same alignment around - and had been weird from the day he had been born. He was heavier then most Xoryn, round and chubby with two very short antennae. In a race where the size of your antennae showed how much brainpower you harvested that was kind of like having a bright pink neon sign above your head flashing: "Retard!"
Blip had seemingly forgotten their peril and was now busy spitting at the wall and blowing bubbles from his nose. Bleep shuddered and ushered his brother away from the machine room toward the mess where he could not do much harm. 
Leaving his brother alone might be an invite for even worse, but not mapping the surroundings and setting a course was downright shouting for bad luck to find you. Stepping out of the mess and locking the door, Bleep wondered if kidnapping Xoryn's crown prince would be considered a felony that deserved the death penalty. After all he hadn't done so intentionally, it was more an act of the crown prince deserting. Yeah, that would save him. 
Bleep sighed and set to working. This part of space seemed to be as empty as possibly could, or riddled with bare rocks. There were hardly any stars around, leaving the usually cheerful space seem dark and gloomy. Bleep set the board computer on auto-alert in case it should find something inhabitable and returned to his brother Blip.
Coming in the mess he wondered if maybe his parents were celebrating Blip's retreat from the public scene. Inside his brother lay in a sea of cookie crumbs, with pink jelly smeared all over his face. When his brother let out a burp and put his thumb in his mouth - at the sacred age of 122 - Bleep was sure that if they ever got home he would not be pulverised, but revered as a hero for taking this pitiful creature away from Xoryn's society and saving the planet from certain doom.
Immediately after he had that thought he felt guilty. It wasn't Blip's fault that he was different. Bleep sighed and wondered how long he could keep sane with just Blip around to talk too. 

The answer to that question came five days later when Blip had managed to eat all the remaining food in one sitting. Laying there, passed out and screaming from tummy aches, Bleep felt ready to tear down the walls, drop into space and kill himself. That at least seemed to be more preferable than staying in the ship one minute longer. 
He took a deep breath and tried to once again explain his brother - the royal fool - why they needed to spare the food. Of course there was no food left now. They wouldn't last another week in this ship, and probably less seeing as how Blip responded to the absence of food. One day, Bleep had found him in a space suit, claiming he'd go pick flowers for him.
The image of Blip bringing him flowers brought him back to sanity. His brother was hard not to hate, but impossible not to love. He had to cling to every bit of observational logic he had to not let Blip's behaviour drive him up the walls. Who knew, there had to be at least one inhabitable planet near.
"I hear the Blip-Blip machine again." Blip grinned, probably because he thought the machine knew his name and was calling for him, like a friend.
"What Blip-Blip machine?" Bleep asked.
"The one from before."
Bleep arched an eyebrow, Blip usually had the attention span of a fly. How would he remember the radar at the beginning of their trip, nearly a week ago? But soon enough the sound grew louder and Bleep knew that - just in time -  the radar had found a liveable planet. He could only hope that liveable was more than containing air, water and some kind of possible poisonous plantlife. 
"I see it, Bleep!" Blip called from the rear of the ship.
"You see what?"
"Our new home! Look at it! It's so.... blue!"
Bleep walked toward the rear of the ship, wondering if 'land' was a necessary category for liveable. He doubted Blip could even stay afloat in water, much lass dive and hunt for food.
"Can you..." Bleep started until the full image of the planet hit him. It was blue, no doubt about it, but there was also a lot of brown and green. LAND!
"Can I what?" Blip asked.
"Nothing brother, we're going to land."
"I'm hungry, Bleep."
"I know, Blip, we'll find you some food once we're down there." Bleep said, hoping the plants wouldn't be poisonous. How would he ever keep his brother alive with bright, poisonous plants around every corner?

Opening the hatch was one of the hardest tasks Bleep had ever had to perform. Could he trust the equipment? Could he trust Blip to not run off and get himself killed? So many doubts, so many possibilities...
Bleep opened the hatch and saw... that face of a monster. A big blue head looked inside the pod, it's big multi-coloured eyes shifting colour as the head turned toward Blip and then returned to Bleep. Bleep wanted to shut the hatch, but Blip was already climbing through.
"Who are you?" he asked as if the blue monster could speak.
"My name is Aviath." a voice as from trickling water replied, "Who are you? I've never seen a creature so green before, that wasn't of my kind I mean."
"I am Blip, crown prince of Xoryn." Blip said, "But I'm lost."
"Who is your friend?"
"That is the best brother in the world." Blip said, "My brother Bleep!"
"Hi Bleep!" the blue monster replied, "I'm a dragon, not a monster by the way."
"You... can read my thoughts?"
"They're a bit different from what I'm used too, but why wouldn't I? It's what our kind has always done. Read thoughts and melt with the ones we are closest too to ensure our survival."
"What happens to the ones you... eh melt with?"
"They are unharmed." a strange pink-orange creature with some kind of brown fur on his head answered. He was about twice the size of a Xoryn, but looked as if he had only half the endurance... which still meant twice the endurance Blip had.
"What are you?" Bleep called.
"I am a human. I take it you have never seen one of my species?"
"No! You look weird!" Blip called.
"Blip!" Bleep hissed hoping these 'humans' weren't easy to anger.
"Don't worry, I think you look a little strange as well. But that doesn't matter. I see that you are lost. We make it our priority to tend to stranded travellers. Follow me and I'll show you to Lantessama Isle." the human said and then turning to Blip, extending his hand he added: "I bet you'd like to see the eggs."
"To eat?"
"Not these eggs. They hatch into dragons, like Aviath. Who knows, you might get one if you try. But if you're hungry, Lucas - he's one of our leaders, a Laedrys - has just brought in a batch of banana ice cream from his visit to earth, along with a dvd player though I have no clue what that is."
"Food is nice." Blip replied, "What's a banana?"
"I'll show you if your brother is ok with going to Lantessama?"
Bleep shrugged an said: "I don't think I have another choice, he really is the crown prince."


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