Klondar wiped the luminescent sweat from his brow. It was a fortune that he was alone on the ship to see him sweat. Of course maybe everyone would sweat in his situation. His 2 and a half metre long body was folded uncomfortably in the shuttle that Klondar had had to take to flee his burning ship. Who knew that a microwave could explode if you pressed too many buttons at once? Had no-one ever built in a failsafe in case you fell and bashed into the wall due to gravitational problems caused by a computer malfunction that had been created by a lack of maintenance in conjunction with crumbs of food stuck into the mainframe? A guy had to eat, didn't he? 
With his ship burning behind him, Klondar had had no other choice than to land on the nearest liveable planet, a chartered planet that was used for dragon-bonding.
Oh yes, he knew what dragons were though he had never seen one. The planet's inhabitants, humans, were somewhat smaller than him, pink or brown in colour with a variable range of coloured fur they wore only on their head. The fur, or hair, seemed to be useless and Klondar did not know what evolutionary profit it could have given the humans when his own race had evolved to become hairless from head to toe. His pallid grey skin was markless, except for the flashing ultra-violet splotches of old sweat.
Encoding the final descend of his escape pod into the orbit of the planet, Klondar hoped that these humans were friendly. Maybe they would even lend him a dragon to get him back on his way to his own planet. Not that he'd want to go back there soon, seeing as he destroyed a valuable resource. Grinning Klondar thought that he might ask that dragon to drop him off somewhere else just to be safe. 
That were worries for later though, bracing himself, Klondar made himself ready for impact. The heavy landing temporarily swept him from reality, knocking him out cold. When he awoke, the timer was blinking bright green. Squinting, he distinguished the numbers 2 and 3. He had been unconscious for 23 minutes!
Crawling out of the craft, finally stretching his legs Klondar shivered. The world was strangely bright, like his skin. White, but fluffy.
Taking the first steps with his bare feet - Klondar had never worn clothes in his life, a custom he had been told some races did keep even if the mind could overcome heat and cold - he felt his body sack away into the strange material on the ground. Several inches in, his feet came to a stop, reaching firm ground.
Klondar squatted, making his mind forget about the cold wind in his naked back and the water pooling at his feet, and tasted the white stuff. It was water, but he had never seen it bahve like this, or be so cold.
"Hey you!" a strange voice asked.
Klondar turned, seeing a broad man standing in front of him. The man wore a fur-lined cote, trousers and heavy shoes. He also wore some strange kind of glass eye covers in a dark colour that Klondar could not place. The specs would definitely not enhance the vision of the man, nor was it a microcomputer, that at least Klondar could tell.
"Don't you understand me?" the man asked.
"Oh, I understand." Klondar's voice rumbled deeply, "I have never seen a human in real life before."
"I have never seen a... ah... whatever you are before either."
"I am Klondar."
"So Klondar, your ship seemed to have crashed."
"What is this white stuff?"
The man took of his glasses, wrinkled his forehead and then said: "It is snow."
"I thought it was water."
"It is kind of, snow is frozen water that falls down in flakes, covering the ground. You have never seen it?"
"It's a lot warmer on my home planet. Rain is a sight, that rain can be colder is quite astonishing."
"Ok, are you cold?"
"Cold is simply a state of mind. I am fine, thank you."
"So you don't need anything..?"
"Transportation would be nice. I noticed this planet has dragons, a ride home would be greatly appreciated."
whistling, the man turned his eyes to the sky. "I think I can help you."
"You own a dragon?"
"You don't seem to know much about us." the man said, "Dorth and I belong to each other, like friends or family. I cannot command my dragon, but I can ask."
"What is it G*non" the blue dragon asked when he had landed.
"This is Klondar, he would like to return home now that his craft has been, ehm, crashed."
"I think his time with us is not over yet."
"The search thing again..." 
"Won't he take me?" Klondar asked.
"Sadly my Dorth thinks he is a searchdragon and would like you to stand for the hatching. So basically you get the opportunity to bond one of these wonderful, yet disturbingly stubborn creatures on your own. And when I say stubborn I mean that in the most positive way.
Klondar stared at the man and his blue dragon. Did this mean they would not take him home? 
"It seems our guest is troubled." Dorth said.
"I do know what I'm doing, he's bonding material."
"It's your choice really." G*non told him, "You don't have to try your luck with a dragon. Though few turn away from the opportunity."
"Plus you'd never crash again." Dorth added.
"That's not true, even dragons crash at times, but it takes little work to fix them." G*non winked.
"Eh, I, I think I'll stay." Klondar said, "I want to learn more of this... snow, and all the other things I have not seen."
"Oh you'll love the blizzards!" G*non called out with a slight sneer in his voice, "We might even get snowed in. Who knows, Tenken might even show you the dungeons."
"Don't go there, trust me." G*non said, "You do not want to irk Tenken."
Getting on the back of the dragon, Klondar listened to the babbling between dragon and rider and wondered if he would have to talk as much.
"No you won't." Dorth answered briefly before getting back to his rider about how strange it was to get to know someone who didn't know snow."


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