Lantessama Isle - Aelith Home


Located around the dunes and against the western mountain of Lantessama Isle, a small gathering of Aelith have taken up residence. As Lantessama Isle reconnected with the other Nexus worlds, visitors came calling. Some were just curious, others decided to stay. The Aelith happily agreed to help with the necessary genetic modifications that some clutches require.

Aelith Information: The Aelith are an adaptive race of winged cat-like creatures. They are intelligent with a tech level of roughly 21st Century Earth. They are remarkably interested in genetics and are far ahead in that area, being able to tweak and tinker as much as they like. More elaborate information about the Aelith and their tinkering can be found here

The Geneticist

Name Amarlon

Age 15
Gender Male
Keywords Lazy, Kind, a bit Shy
Quote "A good night's sleep will solve this."
Appearance Amarlon is on the chubby side, with short beige and orange striped fur. His fur is the kind that dispells dirt, a trait that is handy in the savannah he came from. His wings are the same sandy beige of his fur and darken toward the edges. He has a very delicate face. 
Genetics XoY Bb dd Aa tt Mm ii ww ss Cch gg LL
Personality Amarlon likes to laze around in the sun. He enjoys being warm and will sometimes entice others to rest with him. he is a very soothing and calming presence and a great listener. He is a bit shy when meeting new people but warms up quickly, especially over food. 
Short Bio Amarlon was born to an experienced mother. He grew up in a large community of family that all worked in food producing. This is where he learned his trade and what led to him specialising in health. Healthy plants yield a lot of produce which in turns can support a larger populace. 
Homeworld Linas, Tropical Savannah
Tasks Genetic Engineer
Speciality Health and Survival
Hobbies Amarlon likes to spend time in the dunes since it reminds him of home. 

The Geneticist

Name Liciya

Age 16
Gender Male
Keywords Energetic, Self-confident and a bit Vain
Quote "I will get this to work!"
Appearance Liciya has a shaggy grey fur with white at his belly, paws and tailtip. Though his fur keeps him nice and warm, it does tend to cling together and mat right after winter. Liciy has soft grey wings that have lighter-coloured edges. He's particularly stealthy in clouded or foggy conditions.
Genetics XY BB dd AA tt MM ii ww Ss Cca gg ll
Personality Liciya is one hunk of energy. He does like to rest at imes (preferably in a quiet place) but he usually hides so no-one realises he needs sleep. He likes to preen and pose and is very vulnerable to compliments. 
Short Bio Liciya was born to a young mother who'd fallen for the looks of a dashing stranger. Being so young, she had not properly thought about child-rearing and quickly left her kids in the care of others. Liciya had a decent upbringing, but he does have his bad habits. 
Home Region Linas, Taiga
Tasks Genetic Engineer.
Speciality Beautification and Style
Hobbies Liciya loves to spend time in Cyan's garden, he occasionally nibbles at the flowers there.