Lantessama Isle - Festival Dragons

At certain times in the year, we at Lantessama might feel the need to do a little extra work and gengineer or breed an unusual type of dragon. In the past these clutches came 5 times a year but more recent, with the growing workload of running and protecting the Lantessama community, they'll be fewer and far between. But don't let that spoil your fun.

1. Valentine
We kick of the year with the most romantic of holidays. Dragons born in this festival have a high chance of being pink, purple, white or pastel and are as a rule sugary sweet and loving. Past themes include:
    2004: Tv-serial Clutch: dragons based on coules from TV shows.
    2005: Ribbon clutch: Cat-like dragonets playing with bows and ribbons.
    2007: Couples Clutch. Dragons hatched in duos, only eligible for coupled candidates.

2. Easter
The Easter holiday dragons are a recurring theme where bunnies and chicks rule the sands. Easter dragons are usually land-based. The Bunnies have long, sometimes floppy ears and strong legs for running. The Chick dragons are small bipedal dragons with stout wings. Though they can fly, their flight is a bit clumsy and they won't be able to sustain their flight for long.
In 2003 a special event took place on Lantessama, the "Easter Run" where all land or glider dragons could participate in a mating frenzy that produced quite the unusual offspring. In this festival hatching some bunnies appeared with wings (the Cherubuns), with sails (glider Bunnies) as well as some peculiarly bright Bunny Hydras. 

3. Summer
Generally celebrated as a time of freedom, these dragons don't have a set theme. Past themes include:
    2003: Cocktail dragons! More flits than dragons but they multi-bonded to form the cocktails.
    2005: Butterfly dragons. Brightly coloured and friendly.
    2006: 06-06-06 demon clutch to celebrate Trix' birthday that year.
    2007: Raptor Clutch. earthy dragons with large claws and bony wings.

4. Halloween
A time of darkness and loss but with the hope of rebirth. Dragons born in these festivals have a darker look on life and were usually more dangerous than those hatched in other festival times. Past themes include:
    2003: Shades of Evil Clutch.
    2004: Sword and Dagger Clutch, Anthropomorphic dragons that chose their weapons after hatching. 
    2005: Necromancer Clutch, vampiric anthropomorphic dragons that were accompagnied by summoned hounds of hell-dragons.
    2006: Ball Masquée Clutch: All candidates and dragon hatchlings wore masks.
    2007: Horned Clutch: horned demon hatchlings for everyone

5. Christmas/Winter
As the year comes to an end, all things cold and cosy combine to hatch dragons of winter cheer. These dragons have a high chance of being white, silver or blue, though the occasional red or green might pop up. Past themes include:
    2003: Christmas Elves Clutch.
    2004: Tuft Clutch: Dragons with warm furr and feathers.
    2006: Crystal Clutch. Land dragons in pastel colours with swirly body markings.
    2007: Icefeather Clutch. Duowinged Centaur dragons.