Drak Information

There are 12 different colours commonly seen on Icarus. Rares are extremely rare, they appear about 1 time in 30-50 draks. Each drak colour has it's own specific character aspects. 





Day B uplifting and cheerful with a vast sense of humor
Desert M good-tempered and honest to a fault, possessing very little tact
Earth B stubborn, decisive, and unshakable
Fire M hot-tempered but very faithful, and will always defend their Knight
Forest F relatively energetic with a very optimistic view
Mud M very meticulous and always think before they act
Night B serious and thoughtful, very quiet but deeply intelligent
Ore B very stable, personality-wise, always choosing defense over offense in any fight
Plant M wry and sarcastic
Rain F impulsive, often sneaky
Water F soothing and calm, and always tactful
Wind F very whimsical, with a tendency to play with the minds of those they wish to confuse

Prominent Colour Variations

Berry B bubbly and well-behaved, always polite (Fire)
Gale B stubborn and don't like to be thwarted (Wind)
Jungle B dark and secretive, like to gossip and plot (Forest)
MidNgt B unorthodox and obstinate (Night)
Snow B innocent, always thinks the best of others (Day)
Thunder B impulsive and explosive, but without real bite (Rain)


Holly B cheerful and outgoing, they enjoy parties and food