Xander & Kochi

Assistant Trainer

Name Xander
Age 20
Gender Male
Appearance Doll made with Elouai's Candybar Doll Maker
    & Behaviour
Xander is a rather sarcastic person. He has an attitude that spreads far and wide. 
Although he is so sarcastic, he is a wonderfull trainer, and gets his frustration away by yelling at the young aspirants, seeming to forget about his own aspirants time.
Tasks Assistant trainer
Hobbies He really loves to make fun of others. And he loves the days both he and his drak spend on Icarus. 
His most favorit hobby is the one where he and Kochi both try to be as sarcastic about everything as possible. 
Social Life? Single. (I wonder why?)
Pets None
Family He doesn't talk about his family. And nobody dairs to ask about it eather. So possibly he has warm and loving parents that don't know why their son turned out this way
History Unkown. Perhaps if he finds a girl (or maybe a boy) that suits him, he will tell him/her everything 
Homeworld Icarus

The Drak

Name Kochi
Colour Plant
Age Adult
Gender Male