Reia & Nishi


Name Reia
Age 28
Gender Female
Appearance Doll made with Elouai's Candybar Doll Maker
    & Behaviour
Reia is just like her drak. She is very calm and makes every one around her feel at ease. She is a perfect judge that can tell if anybody should perticipate. It only takes 20 seconds for to have an image of the persone who's standing before her.
Tasks Judge
Hobbies She likes swiming and singing, talking to people and helping them.
She also likes to see if she was right with her first impression.
Social Life? single
Pets None
Family Reia was the youngest of 5 children, but her parents were good to each and every one of them. Her parents made sure that all their kids would get what they want and succeded in it too
History Reia grew up as the youngest, and for that got a lot done. She will always be the youngest, but she doesn't mind. She dreamed about being a judge on one of the castles in Icarus, and when she was 15, she first participated as an aspirant. It was later when she finally paired with Nishi 
Homeworld Icarus

The Drak

Name Nishi
Colour Water
Age Adult
Gender Female

setstats 1