Fedora & Qugi

High Princess

Name Fedora
Age 28
Gender Female
Appearance Doll made with Elouai's Candybar Doll Maker
    & Behaviour
Never really energetic, but always sharp and knows everything.
Fedora is a girl that knows what she's doing, and is very good at keeping Felix calm. 
She likes the energetic on - the - last - minute - disigions that Felix has, and also loves to travel with him.
Tasks High Princess
Hobbies Fedora has almost everything planned on her days, but always leaves a little opening for the spurr of the moment things of Felix.
She always travels with him, but a good book would make her as happy as sweets
Social Life? Married to Felix; High Prince of Wo Yao Fei
Pets None
Family fedora's mother has died a few years ago, but her father is still alive and kicking ass in the military. Although he won't fight in real combat, he still traines some of the aspirants.
History Fedora lived on another continent than her beloved Felix. She had always been a calm girl, but only one time she did something rash, and that was going out with Felix, and she was still happy for it too. 
Homeworld Icarus

The Drak

Name Qugi
Colour Water
Age Adult
Gender Female

setstats 1