Cathryne & Gebris


Name Cathryne
Age 22
Gender Female
Appearance Although Cathryne looks like a small and fragile girl, you better not do anything she doesn't like. Behind that sweet, innocent look of hers, she is a real fighter and can take almost everybody to the ground.
She has blondish hair, almost always in two ponytails, brown eyes and is always dressed fashionably.
Doll made with Elouai's Candybar Doll Maker
    & Behaviour
Cathryne is a woman that loves the fact that people always think of her as weak. Because she loves to dear people into a fight, her looks come in handy. 
At some point, she is reading magazines about fashion, and participating in every quiz in the magazines, in other moments of the day, she trains the aspirants how to protect both their selfs and the drak they're riding. 
Tasks Trainer of fighting
Hobbies She loves to read about the newest gadgets for a better look, she loves to dress herself up, and loves to fight even more. One of her favorite hobbies is the one where she proves all the men around her that she is the best trainer in the world. 
Social Life? Single and glad to be it.
Pets Fire fairy drak named Vujur
Family She was the last girl in a family with 7 brothers. She has always loved to be one of the guys, and most of her brothers friends had experienced how good she is when she is in combat.
History Growing up with 7 brother, no mother and only a father, she soon learned how to stand on her own two feet. She loves her family, and her family is her number one (after Gebris of course). 
She had been found by Hywll, and there she impressed Gebris and since then, she has stayed in Wo Yao Fei. 
Homeworld Earth

The Drak

Name Gebris
Colour Rain
Age Adult
Gender Female

setstats 1