Proud parents are: Water Quigi + Desert Berguki

Hatching Story

It was one of the hotter days on Wo Yao Fei Castle when Quigi and Berguki, both parents of this clutch, announced that there eggs were ready to hatch. Nobody really knew how many eggs there were, but there were 6 aspirants present.
But there wasn't much time to really think about the number of aspirants and eggs, because there was a storm in the air, and everybody wanted to be inside when that happened, and the draklings wanted their bellies filled sooner rather then later.

Christian and Hayley, both coming from a world that they had seen disapear, being saved just in time, were standing next to each other. Since the moment Christian had been staying on Wo Yao Fei Castle, his mind had been elsewhere. And Hayley herself was too wondering what had happened to her sister. Both of them being more in thoughts than paying attention, were starteled when two draklings were standing in front of him.
One was a day male, the other was a wind drak, both looking at there bond longingly. "I want food." The day drak said to Christian.
"Yesssh, we have been standing here for ever." The wind drak said to Hayley.
Christian smiled and tapped the tummy of his drak. "Why don't we get some yummy food into that empty belly then?" Grinnend and both of them left.
Quigi called out the name of the male Day drak: "Meagiki"
Hayley looked at her brother in law and grinned at her drak. "I'm sorry I kept you waiting." And softly petted the nose of the drak.
"Diukigi" was the name of this Wind drak.

Next up was a beautiful Water drak that wobbled gently towards the aspirants. Quigi called that her name was "Huskigi". The baby drak looked at the 3 remaining aspirants. She seemed to be looking for one specifice traid, that only one of these aspirants had, and that was Celia, When she found her, Huskigi wobbled happily towards her and said: "Will you learn me how to swim?"
Giggling, Celia nodded and left together to the feeding grounds.

After the impression of Celia and her drak, another female drak came from behind her mother. This time, a stonishing Night drak went to the aspirants. It didn't take long before she had made her pick. She emidiatly went for Elgy Sethoic. The night looked closely to the member of a mod that had come from Dun keiba. Then softly nuzzled her bond, as her mother called out her name: "Bovikigi"
Elgy grinned at her drak and both of them left after the other bonded draklings and there knights.

Now a Mud drak wobbled gently from behind his mothers wings, almost being overrun by his brother, a Fire Drak.
The fire drak went straight for Makail. "I couldn't let my brother pick you." He said, "I wanted you."
"I wasn't going to pick him. I was just making sure I wanted Wim." The mud drak snapped at his brother.
"No fighting you too." Berguki said as he pushed the mud towards Wim, and the fire towards Makail.
Quigi called out his name first: "Fregiki", and then, when the fire wrapped his tail around Makail, said "Soigiki".

It seemed that Quigi and Berguki had had 5 eggs, and all of the draks had bonded with one of the aspirants.

Pick Up