Proud parents are: Night Yugata and Ye + Fire Utsu and Lars

Clutching Story 2

"Good morning Ye! How are my girls doing today?" A tall, blond and blue eyed young man said as he entered the caves.
"We're doing well. But you don't need to be so overpretecting." The asian girl answered smiling. She reached as high as Lar's shoulders, but in a fight, she was the strongest and fastest.
"Oh come on Ye.. You know me." He grinned and playfully pushed her away to look at both draks and their 3 eggs.
"Our youngssssshters are doing well." The night drak Yugata said
"Their full of life!" The fire male Utsu said proudly. He looked content with his little family.

"Welcome!" Ye said when a stranger to the castle entered the cave filled with warm sand.
"Are you here to sign up?" Lars asked.
"Of course he/she is!" Yugata said.
"Don't come to close! Don't break any eggs!" Utsu said stepping in between yourself and his eggs. "You will just have to wait until they have hatched."


Hatching Story 2

Reidel woke up by a loud ringing sound. It pierced through his sleepy head. He wondered what it was. He looked beside him, thinking that Damisa would be there, but since they both were send to another castle, he missed her intensely.
The piercing sound stopped for a moment, but then after a second or two, it started again. Then he remembered that it was the sound of a drak. Were they being attacked? The thought flashed through his mind, and he jumped out of his bed and ran towards the door. It opened and Hubero entered the room. "Come on man! The eggs are hatching!" The high prince ran away to the other aspirants. Reidel saw Maya in the hallway, and he could see that she had been sleeping too. It wasn't all that strange, it was around 4 in the morning. In Wo Yao Fei, it was just soon daylight...

Outside, Reidel and Maya were waiting for the last participant, a nice man called Snaar. Hubero and he walked slowly to the entrance of the deep cavern. Hubero had great respect for the blind musician. He himself had know a lot of music, but the way he could move the strings was just wonderful.

When everybody was at his place, all the aspirants and spectators were looking closely towards the entrance. The entrance of the cave had a cloak of thick dark shadows around it, and that was why everybody was surprised when the night drak walked with her head up high towards the aspirants.
She looked closely towards the 3 aspirants, but then nodded as in approval and started the hatching.

The first was a day drak, a small female that was cheerful. The drakling jumped/wobbled/almost flew towards her chosen.
"Hello!" The day drak said towards one aspirant in particular.
"Zonnysuta!" The mother drak called out.
Maya had known the name from before the mother drak had called it out. Zonnysuta had entered her mind a second earlier and therefore didn't have any secrets anymore.

When both Maya and Zonnysuta had left the open space, the next drakling was already standing in the spotlight. This time it was a fire in all it's glory. The fire drak watched both aspirants closely.
His mother called: "Vlatasu.. What'sssh wrong?"
"Nothing really..."
"Then why don't you come with me, I know you want to." Reidel said unsure. He had felt the drak slip into his mind, but didn't really know what to think from it all.
"OK." The fire drak got up and left towards the feeding stand.

Hubero had been standing next to Snaar, explaining everything in detail, and whispered that a pretty night drak, walked slowly, but without hesitating towards him.
Snaar smiled with the feeling. He had been living good ever since he got on Wo Yao Fei. He did miss the moments after a performance, where he could talk with his friends, but this life was different in so many ways...
"Grogoltasu!" The mother drak called out. "Take good care of him."
The night drak nuzzled Snaar's hand softly. Snaar patted the soft nose of the drak and leaning on the drak, they too left to find some food.

The rest of the day was filled with celebrations on Wo Yao Fei Castle. Snaar and Hubero played together until the next day, and everybody in the castle enjoyed it.