Proud parents are: Rain Drak Gebris and Cathryne + Ore Drak Regen and Nicolas

Clutching Story

The first clutch of Wo Yao Fei Castle is one of 6 eggs. Both proud parents are guarding the eggs with their lives. 
You enter the deep caverns a bit cautious. Knowing that both mother and father are the trainers of the armada's.
"Come on then! If you dare." A fragile girl says to what looks like a cool guy
"I'm not falling for that Cathryne."  the sun glasses says. You look around and wonder why he's wearing glasses in this rather dark cave. 
"Chicken." Cathryne whispers loud enough for the guy to hear.
"I'm not chicken.. Let's get outside and settle this!" 
"Yay!" The girl jumps from one feet to the other and then sees you.
"Oh... Hello." She blinks her eyes very fast, and you wonder what that horrible man is going to do to her.
"Don't do that Cathryne. Now I look like the bad guy. I'm Nicolas.. Nice to meet you. Don't pay any attention to her."
"Hey!" Cathryne pouts 
Ignoring her, Nicolas says: "This is Cathryne, she trains the armada's for a good fight. So she isn't weak at all." 
"I... You..." You stammer.
"Great.. Why did Gebris pick your drak? I can't imagine she had that horrible taste in men.." Cathryne whispers to you.
Now the two draks also join the conversation of their riders. You sneak past them and try to run away.
"Don't let the riders scare you." A low musical voice says to you. "They're rather nice when they aren't together. Why don't you sign up? I'm Hubero, leader of this castle, and I would be thrilled if you would consider."
He bows and hands you a piece of paper.


Hatching Story

All six aspirants woke up around sunrise, well except for Sarah, she just wanted to go to bed.
They were all called to the main entrance of the castle, and were supposed to wait until Gebris was ready to show off her little ones.

"I want my thee.." Marieke mumbled when she clutched her jacked closer around her body.
"When you're always on the road, you get used of the cold." Bhuto said to make Marieke feel better.
"I kinda need the caffe´ne. But thanks." Marieke smiled at her fellow aspirant when she heard all hell break louse. "Sorry.. I need to stop this disaster."
Bhuto nodded and turned around to watch the opening for the Deep Caverns.
"What is it now?"
"He tried to do my hair." Sarah said angerly.
"Why would you want to do that Xander? It is hopeless."
Sarah glared at Marieke and was about to say something when Bhuto called out that the rain drak Gebris was coming. Marieke smiled at her room mate and stepped out of the way of the flying shoe.

Gebris waited until the shoe was landed and looked closely towards the shoe. She hadn't seen from where it came, but she had an idea. It didn't matter. Now all eyes were pointed to her, and she liked it.
A little nuzzle made her come back to Icarus. It was one of her children. She was so proud.
"Ok, ok.. I got it." Gebris said to her children. "You're going first." Gebris picked out a Night drakling. It was still a bit chacky on the paws, but its step was directet to one person, and only one person.
When the Night had finally come to his finish line, Gebris called out:
The Night drak looked at his bond with twinkle eyes.
"Hello" he said softly.
"Great to have you!"
Shean hugged his drakling and fell down with it.
"Sorry Sterrisen.. Let's get you something to eat ok?"

When Sterrisen and Shean had found the food tables, another drakling was pushed forward. This time, it was an Earth drakling that flittered her wings so that the morning sunshine caught it, and making her more beautiful.
The Earth Drak was much like her mother. Liking all the attention. She sat dawn and yawned.
"Aardenis? Aren't you going to bond?" Gebris asked her daughter.
"Yesssh mommy, but I'm jussst tired.."
"Why don't we get some sleep? I'm tired too."
Sarah said as she flickered her hair, catching the sunlight.
"That would be nice. We want to be pretty Ú?" Aardenis asked.
"Nothing can change that." Sarah said back grinning.

"It's your turn now love." Gebris said to her Plant son that came from behind her.
"I don't like these people here. They're all so boring.. Except for him over there. Come with me." The plant drak said to Lycan.
Lycan, liking what he heard stepped aside for his drak who wanted to pass.
"Humisen" Gebris said "Issss that how I thought you?"
"Come on mom. I had something going on there!"
"Behave next time." Gebris said.

"Now you two." Gebris said when Humisen had cleared the way.
"Look, we have the same colour!" The female ore said to Marieke.
"I can walk on my front paws! See!" The male ore said and demonstrated his act. Unfortunately, he fell down.
"Did you hurt yourself?" Bhuto ran towards the drak.
"I think I broke something.."
"My plant!" Raf screamed waving his hands fast.
"Sorry.... I guess."
Bhuto said thinking that he was just overreacting a little.
"Bisen.. I told you not to do that. Right from the egg he has done stunts like thissss. I hope you will take good care of him."
"Of course Gebris." Bhuto said bowing to the drak.
Gebris turned to her second daughter and nuzzled her. Have you made your pick?"
"Yesssh Marieke."
"Paggenis." Gebris called out.

"You're the last dear." Gebris said to a Day Drakling.
"That's ok. I wanted him from the start!" the drak said to his mother. He nuzzled her one last time and walked towards the last remaining candidate Xander.
"Crishisen" Gebris called out.
Crishisen sat in front of
Xander. "I like him too." He folowed his bond's eyes and looked at Raf and his Rain drak that tried to comfort him.
"I think we have to grow a little bit before we can even think of flying." Xander winked at Crischisen.

"There they go.. My youngings.." Gebris said to Regen.
"They grow up so fast..." Regen said, nuzzling his mate. "We should do that again."
Cathrine looks at Nicolas and grins evilly. "We're going to have fun too."
Sighing, Nicolas turns around on his heels and walks away, muttering to himself.