Icarus Draks Colours
We can talk about all the different colours of Draks, over a spot of tea if you like. The colours are like all the other castles. Here you find a short list of all the colours.


Gender Character
Day Both uplifting and cheerful with a vast sense of humour
Desert Male good-tempered and honest to a fault, possessing very little tact
Earth Both stubborn, decisive, and unshakable
Fire Male hot-tempered but very faithful, and will always defend their Knight
Forest Female relatively energetic with a very optimistic view
Mud Male very meticulous and always think before they act
Night Both serious and thoughtful, very quiet but deeply intelligent
Ore Both very stable, personality-wise, always choosing defence over offence in any fight
Plant Male wry and sarcastic
Rain Female impulsive, often sneaky
Water Female soothing and calm, and always tactful
Wind Female very whimsical, with a tendency to play with the minds of those they wish to confuse