I'll try to keep this page up to date as agencies re-open or new agencies are created :)


General Links
Planet Icarus The Genealogy
Castle Links
Dawn Castle Drockh Tallahn Castle
Castle DesCas Castle Dun Keiba
Snærfell Castle Icehearth (offworld)
Ruin Links
Castle Lav'intay (closed) Chindor Castle (pet adoptions)
Castle DeCorvo (closed) Wilgen Castle (pet adoptions)
Lanaara Castle (closed) Savannah Castle (pet adoptions)
Sidra Castle (closed) Wo Yao Fei Castle (pet adoptions)
Mi'ihen Castle (closed)    
Baskar Castle (closed) --


Our Adoption Places
Lantessama Isle Keltic Spirit Glade Gineya Isle
Befriended Adoption Places
Darkling Dawn Refugium Vella Crean
Ryslen Silvered Magic Dragon Pact
Starfall Dragonry World of Alskyr
Isla Weyr (Alternate) Benden Weyr Meridian Weyr
Anerion Weyr Aneris Weyr
Under construction Midnight Falls Weyr Virlante Weyr
Treval Dragonry The Skies of Cyrna
Ktrenal's Places   

Castle  DesCas MAIN