"Welcome, Traveller." A small blond girl tells you, "My name is Avalone and I guard the Faerie Drak eggs." Suddenly a small blue-grey creature sticks it's nose out of her sleeve.
"Come on Ferissa, you won't get hurt." turning to you Avalone says: "She's a female smoke and so terribly shy, I sometimes think she'll just disappear right of the planet."
"Anyway, you came for a faerie drak?"
You nod in agreement.
"You can take as many as you like, but keep in mind they are a lot of work, some castles might disapprove of you having too many. Also in DesCas up to 4 adult ones are allowed, but you can only raise one baby at a time."
You are just about to take one when...

"Please be careful, these sands are covered with eggs. Some even say the special faerie draks are hidden below the sand."

Castle  DesCas MAIN