Spring Cleaning and       
            Foolish Dancing


It was late in the afternoon when Einaki emerged from the deep cavern where she had been alone with her eggs for the past night and day. Three hatchlings toddled behind her, still a bit clumsey on their feet, but following determined to make a pairing.
The second drak, following her ore brother was a happy little forest drak. Skipping, she hopped from one place to the other. She didnít even fall once, apparently the first sniffs of outside air had thrilled her enough to forget about her uncertitude. She was rather handy for a newborn drak. Balancing on one paw, the forest drak looked at the girl.
"I can ssssee that you need ssome Madalloski in your life." she chirped happily.
"I believe so Madalloski. My name is Rhaeen."
"As if I didnít know that." The green drak snorted, and then skipped after her brother toward the feeding tables where she promptly showed off her skills by juggling some pieces of meat and then diminishing the amount as she swallowed one after the other with happy licks of her agile tongue.

Philip had waited a long time to pair at Castle Drockh-Tallahn, Rhaeen had managed to pair a good year before him so she was the one that had been flying in to visit. But today things would be different. Naldtan was all grown up and ready to make the trip to Castle DesCas where both he and Rhaeen would join an armada. All of the Pioen and Viooltje siblings had put in the request to return closer to home and though they'd argued at times, Philip was actually looking forward to seeing everyone on a more regular basis again.
"Lost in thought, I see?" Naldtan asked.
"Just thinking about moving back home."
"Do you think I'll like it there?"
"Well it is warmer than you're used to." Philip shrugged.
They took off and portaled to Castle DesCas, using the coordinates and images their trainer had supplied them with. It took some concentration still but that would ease as they visited more places. 
"Look, there are Rhaeen and Madalloski!" Philip shouted.
Madalloski and Rhaeen had noticed the other two at the same time and moved a little to the side so Naldtan could land safely. Though saftey was a bit overrated. The two of them had been training as jousters and Rhaeen loved the thrill of the danger the sport brought. She'd become stronger and fitter over the last years and hoped Philip would not be taken aback by the extra muscle she'd developped. 
"If he doesn't like it we can just look elsewhere." Madalloski noted.
"I've known him since we were children." Rhaeen said, "I doubt I'll love anyone in the same way."
"Every love is different but as precious." the forest drak told her.
"Look at us being so serious." Rhaeen smiled, "Must be old age creeping up."
"Try to give advice and this is my reward?" Madalloski joked, "Well let's just hope you don't ave to use it."
But they needn't have worried. Philip had bulked up a bit while training as well and didn't even seem to notice that Rhaeen had kept up with him as she fit just as well in his embrace as before they'd tried their luck at the castles.

Night Faerie Drak Anais (f) and Plant Faerie Drak Toekan (m)
Pets adopted at Chindor Castle


The Knight

Name Rhaeen Viooltje
Age 17 (at pairing), 21 (as Knight)
Gender Female
Appearance Rhaeen at 17 has dark red-brown hair that hangs to shoulder length. Her eyes are dark brown giving her a dark look that is quite seductive if she doesn't use it to look angry. 
Thoughts Rhaeen loves sarcasm. She always has a ironic or sarcastic reply ready to anyone who dares to criticise her. She also likes to tease now and again.
Family: Rhaeen and her twin Rhean are the oldest of three daughters.
Rhaeen will soon be engaged to Philip.

The Drak

Name Madalloski
Age Drakling
Gender Female
Appearance A small, slender Forest
Thoughts All About Fun and Play
Family Parents: Wind Einaki and Ore Ustos
Lifemate: Desert Naldtan
Paired at Chindor

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