Wind Umynri let her knight Rhean close the doors to the deep cavern and guard them. She had said with her life, but it was unlikely that anyone would try to enter. Even if anyone did break into the castle, the deep cavern lay several stories underground, lighted by a system of small tunnels with mirrors.
The aspirants had gathered in the nearby mind-pairing chamber and the small fountain of water was frequented more than the heat alone would explain. Ressonor who'd come from one of the islands near Chindor Castle stood near the entrance, straining his neck already to make sure he'd see the draklings when they entered.
The last two draklings, the male desert and the female earth left their mother simultaneous. They both sat in front of the two remaining aspirants who'd moved closer together. Ressonor had quickly realised that standing at the door wouldn't let the draklings get much of a view of him, even if he could see them. So he had relocated to the food tables. The couples who'd already paired were eating there and he too felt to become quite hungry.
"Ress!" the desert called, "My name is Plurios."
"Want food?" Ressonor asked.
In stead of answering Plurios attacked the table and tried to gain on his brothers and sister who'd started earlier.

Trainer: Flint and Wind Achaena (Hospital)

Ressonor opened the door to the kitchen aq quietly as he could. The rations young knights got at Castle DesCas were ample, but not quite sufficient for those growing. It was nearing midnight and Ressonor felt like he'd faint if he didn't get some food in him asap. Outside, his hungry drak snorted approvingly, no doubt already picturing the feast his rider would bring.
"Two apples and a piece of dried cake?" Plurios sighed.
"They've been locking the cabinets lately." Ressonor shrugged, "it fills my stomach."
"But not mine". The desert drak sighed, "It'll be empty as a portal in there."
Looking sad the drak took the tiniest botes from one of the apples thinking that if he could just make it last longer he'd feel fuller.
"You can have the cake too." Ressonor added, "Though I think the only part of you that's still growing is your waist size."
A fast tail hit Ressonor over the head and before he knew it, the cake was gone.
"I need to keep up my energy. And to prove it I shall win over the first female to mate at the castle!"
"You talk big." Ressonor smiled, "But can you make it happen?"
"I sure can!"

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