Name: Kam
Age: 28
Gender: male

Description: Kam is a tall, lanky man with wavy black hair that hangs down and covers his shoulders. He has a tiny moustache and at times a small beard (goatee, ringbeard, it varies). He has bright blue eyes and his face is usually adorned with a wide smile. His sense of fashion can be called a little warped and he has been known to get in around DesCas wearing nothing but a toga. Or going full out in what Earthern aspirants called 'a disco outfit' with a horrendous look in their eyes.
Personality: Kam is very outgoing and friendly. He can be very intimidating to people who aren't touchy-feely. However Kam would never want to make anybody uncomfortable. just address him on the matter and he'll try to reign in his hands (weird ticks might be observed though). The passion he has for his job shows itself in almost everything he does. Everything he does he does with all his heart. There is little that can obscure his optimistic personality.
Occupation: Castle DesCas barber

Family: Kam's mother is alive and well in Zerny, one of the towns on the continent. He visits her at times and with his drak has now more time to do so. Kam's father disappeared a long time ago and Kam hardly remembers his face. He has one brother but the two are estranged due to some of the choices Kam made in his life.
Hometown: Zerny
Pets: --

The Day female was sulking and just walked aimlessly around. It was then that she, unintentionally, bumped into Kam, the Castle's barber, making him drop down and taking a whole patch of hair with him from the drak he had been cutting that same moment.
"Hey?!" he called out, but it was too late to save himself from an ugly fall. Alas, aside from not being careful, the Day was far from graceful, so she ended up below the lanky barber.
The Day shrieked for the man to get off and somewhere in the process the drakling decided that anyone who would try to get off her with such care couldn't be a bad person. So she paired him before Kam could even offer resistance.
"You're mine! Yay!" she called, "I'm Yoretei."
"Great..." Kam groaned.
"I'll let you do my hair..." Yoretei tried.
"I'll have to anyway."

Day Yoretei (f)
Trainer: Zander and Night Perini (High Prince)

Yoretei lounged around in the sunny afternoon. It was autumn so the sun was actually pleasant now and not too glaring or harsh. The rays reflected off Yoretei's golden hide and white wings, illuminating her surroundings. As the sun sank below the horizon, people naturally gathered around the bright day drak to finish up their tasks. Yoretei took it all in stride and waited for her knight to finish his own work. With the fading light it wouldn't be long now. 
"I'm done for the day." Kam announced just a bit later as he came down from the plateau he used to cut the drak fur.
Yoretei yawned and said: "I'm done too."
"Will you be able to sleep after the nap you took?"
"I wasn't napping, I was people watching. And drak watching and wildlife watching..."
"I get it, you were very busy."
"People also used my light for their work." Yoretei added.
"I guess you were pretty busy." Kam chuckled.
Together they walked to their quarters. Though Kam and Yoretei were now part of the Desert Twilight Armada, they didn't have a strict training regime since it wasn't a fighting armada. Kam kept to his old job and Yoretei was basically classed as a guard though not many threats ventured close enough to the castle for her to actually be a necessary addition to the armadas. But she helped in her own way and he guessed a lot of people had stopped by to talk to her while he was working and the draks had been more willing to let him cut their fur. 
"I do a good job." Yoretei beamed.

Kam and Yoretei joined the Desert Twilight Armada at Castle DesCas
Lifemate: --

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Kam paired at Castle DesCas.