After the first drakling had paired and while the new pair were busy with the fresh meats and first drinks of water that the hatchling would eat, another small drak was urged out from under her mother's protective wings.
This time a Rain, petite and at first demure looking, approached the group of eager Aspirants from her hiding place behind Yachari's wings. But shortly it seemed that she either hadn't found the right person to pair, or she was just being slow in choosing.
"Go on, child," Yachari said.
"I am getting to it!" The little Rain surprised everyone with that. Finally she chose to separate Espra from the rest. "You. Me. My brother thinksss he will go far, but we will go farther. I am Deneduri."
"Pleased to meet you Deneduri," Said Espra, "but what makes you think I want to go anywhere?"
"I just know," the drak snorted a laugh.
At this Espra grinned the grin that had earned her High princess Dominica as a trainer and answered: "I can see this will be the start of a beautiful friendship. I can't wait to fly and fight nex necium and burn things..."
"Watch it!" Deneduri hissed.
"Thanks, but wouldn't you say burning things with acid is cool?"

Deneduri lunged out from where she had been hiding, hidden behind some bushes at the top of a stony outcrop. Below her, Espra, her knight had been scouting for signs of Nex Necium. Deneduri had grasped the opportunity to startle her knight, but alas, lately Espra had been getting immune to her attacks.
"Good one, Den." she said, "But not good enough." 
Grinning Espra shook her head, as if she hadn't seen the opportunity the cave had offered. She after all also had a prankster's fine eyes for flare and drama. And the disturbingly shaming of course. She thought there was nothing her drak could swing at her that would make her look shocked.
"Espra, how about we sign up for a mating?"
She had been terribly, terribly wrong. Deneduri grinned and wagged her tail in front of her knight, "I thought you could take anything I swung at you."
"Please tell me that's a joke." Espra tried.
"You know me better than to crawl back from dares."
Espra nodded, she knew Den' could be as stubborn as a mule when it came to getting her right. She would not back down.
"Better get it over with quick then." Espra nodded.
"I'm going to enjoy this." Deneduri smiled, "I wonder who I might pick to startle you even more... say, that pink-haired fellow from a while back, wasn't he looking for someone?"
Mere words could not describe the look on Espra's face when she heard that. Mere words would never suffice. Shaking her head to get her grip back on reality she asked: "Wasn't that one gay?" 
Espra did not feel like having to spend the rest of her days close to some uptight pink-haired neurotic might-be-gay persona. 
"Do you even care? It's not like it'll matter."
"So it will be just a one time deal?"
"Look at this package! I'm not about to give up my freedom." Deneduri said, stretching her legs and wings, "I'm not done having fun just yet."

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