1) A Story on a Page
This story can be long and detailed or short and to the point. A detailed stats page is also an option. I just need a way to decide which colour of drak to give you.
2) The Aspirant
Mind pairs can happen to anyone present at the hatching. The character should be at least 15 years of age (human), or the equivalent of having mostly gone through puberty.
3) General Warnings
Please don't be too offensive or graphic in your story without warning the public. Sudden displays of carnage and or raging hormones don't have to be kept in check since I don't mind, but a warning is always greatly appreciated.
4) The Mind Pairing
Male and Female Draks can pair with either gender. The bond is relatively weak, so they mostly know what the other is feeling, but no real thoughts. Draks learn language very easily, so they'll speak to your aspirant. Some Draks may pair off together, forming a drak-drak pair, but this doesn't happen often. If you have any preference regarding the gender of your drak-to-be, please let me know since it will be taken into account.
5) Names
The naming system on Icarus is quite complex and thus it is usually the mother who names her draklings. However, if you know the system and have a name you absolutely want to have used, you can suggest it.
For more info, please visit Planet Icarus.
6) Update Notices
Updates will be posted in the Nexus Board and Discord, let me know if I should mail you seperately.
7) Images
Save images to your own harddrive and upload them to your aspirant's page.
You can alter these images by rotating, flipping and resizing them. No recolouring for obvious reasons. If you want a different set, please state so in the comments section. Possibilities: Acicade - Chindor - Dawn - (DesCas) - Savannah - Wilgen - Wo Yao Fei. 
8) For the Genealogy and Records
Please inform me if you move your draks and when your drak has found a life mate. Also, it would be greatly appreciated to let me know about any off-world flights you might be entering.

On to the FORM!

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