Drak Information

Here is a list of all the colours that are available on Icarus. Not all colours have both sexes, but the second column tells you if (B)oth male and female, only  (M)ale or only (F)emal can occur.
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Colour Chart




Day E uplifting and cheerful with a vast sense of humour
Desert M good-tempered and honest to a fault, possessing very little tact
Earth E stubborn, decisive, and unshakable
Fire M hot-tempered but very faithful, and will always defend their Knight
Forest F relatively energetic with a very optimistic view
Mud M very meticulous and always think before they act
Night E serious and thoughtful, very quiet but deeply intelligent
Ore E very stable, personality-wise, always choosing defence over offence
Plant M wry and sarcastic
Rain F impulsive, often sneaky
Water F soothing and calm, and always tactful
Wind F very whimsical, with a tendency to play with the minds of others

Prominent Colour Variations

Algae E loners, quiet and analytical, sometimes cold (black-indigo Night)
Breeze F single-minded and free, optimistic and persevering (white-teal Wind)
Ocean E profound and wise with a tendency to lecture (blue-indigo Water)
Storm E brooding and threatening, tending to be gloomy (black-purple Night)
Twister M energetic and wild, know no boundaries (white-purple Wind)

Colour Chart

Beach E relaxed and cheerful, never worry and always enjoy life (tan & blue)
Star E bright and talented, loving drama, acting and the arts (gold & blue)
E= either, M= male, F= female, S= Rare
Rare draks will appear once every 30-50 draks and can usually be both genders.