Castle Information

It was on a clear summer morning when Chrischisen and Xander first started flying. Both had been training hard on Wo Yao Fei Castle, all to please there one sided love. Crishisen had picked out a wonderful pretty rain from Chindor Castle, and Xander had fallen instantly for the bond of the drak. A man that made Xanders life bright.
Xander was brushing Crishisen's hair when the day drak muttered something.
"What was it Crishisen?" Xander asked to his now adult drak.
"You ssshaid that if I grew, we could fly with Nelladuar."
"Well it isn't just being adult. You have to woo her." Xander winked at his drak.
Well.. I jussst know what to do then!" The day drak called out and stood up. Xander fell from his seat and fell on his bum. "Hey!" he said "Watch it a little bit Crishisen."
"Jump on my back. I have a plan." The drak ignored him and was already making himself ready to fly. Xander was just in time to get on the draks back. Sighing, he wondered what the plan was.

On a rather deserted island, a bond and his drak had landed. A very shiny day drak and a man with blue hair. They seemed to be arguing.
"You have to make them come!" Crishisen said as he looked closely to his bond.
"How do you expect me to get them here? I don't have wings like you."
"Oh well... Just write ssshomething down on a piece of paper."
"Jusssht do it pleassse Xander?" The drak looked with his puppy eyes to his bond and Xander sighed and took a piece of paper and looked at the drak. "What do you want me to write?"
"Well use your imagination. You have plenty of it." Crishisen grinned.
"Stop it!" Xander pointed to his drak making sure he didn't go any further.

About an hour later, Xander was ready and gave the note to Crishisen.
"Well done Xander! I'll be back."
"Wait! What am I supposed to do? I'm on an island!"
"You'll think of ssshomething." The drak shouted as he lifted into the air.
"What the hell are you planning?" Xander shouted, but the drak didn't want to respond.

It was getting darker, and Xander was starting to wonder if he would have to make some fire. But wouldn't that attract the Nex Neccii? Or was it that fire kept them away. Why didn't he listen better to all the lessons. But then again.. He had thought that Crishisen wouldn't just leave him. Luckily he had grabbed his sword when they had left Wo Yao Fei.
He decided that he would make a fire. It was getting colder, and he needed the heat. Perhaps somebody would see the fire and come look for him.
"I'm going to kill you if I ever get out of this alive!" He send a silent message to his drak.

Xander had made a large fire and sat closely to it.
"We're almost there!" A silent message came to him.
"So you think I'm going to forgive you this easy?"
"I brought you a present." Xander could hear the laugh in the voice of his drak, and made him forget a little of his anger.

When he saw a little light dot in the night sky, he knew that it was Crishisen. But what he didn't see was that a little grey dot was following his drak. When he landed, Xander saw that he had brought somebody with him. Ignoring that person, he went straight to his drak and started shouting
"What the hell were you thinking! I could have been killed!"
"Pisssh posssh.. Look who I brought!"
Xander looked at the eyes that had brought light into his days. He had always hoped that one day those eyes would be pointed to him. But now, he wasn't so happy.
"Why is he in bandages?"
"I kodnaped him." Crishisen said proudly.
Xanders mouth fell open, This was the man he had a secret crush on, Raf..
Raf that was seated on the back of Crishisen smiled when Xander picked him up and cleared his mouth.
"I'm very sorry, Really.. My drak usually isn't like this." He bowed and said "My name is Xander. I hope you can forgive us."
"I can.." His voice was like clear water, like an oasis, a waterfall, so pretty. "But I'm not so sure she can." Raf pointed at something behind Xander.
Almost too afraid to turn around, he did and saw Raf's bond. A drak in rage, spitting acid to everything that surrounded her.
"Did you think I wouldn't follow?"
The rain drak asked angrily.
"I even hoped you would my pretty flower in spring." Crishisen said lightly. "Now that I have your attention, would you like these flowersssh?"
Crishisen handed over some wild flowers that he had been picking before he had left Xander on the island.
Her rage was instantly turned into a girly voice.
Xander's mouth fell open, and he wondered what just had happened.
"I even made you thissh pretty fire, ssso that you will never grow cold." Crishisen said
"I made it!" Xander blurted out.
Raf giggled and whispered. "I do believe that it is really pretty." Xander felt his knees grow weak.
He coughed to get control over his voice again, but all he could do was grin.
"Why don't you ssstay here? I'll make usssh some dinner. I'm sshure my bond will help me." The day drak said as he pulled Xander with him.

"Do you know that we could have died?"
"Never.. Ssshe's just a misunderstood flower." Crishisen looked at Nelladuar.
"So.. the food?" Xander asked, still a bit unsure about the sudden change in personality.
"Ah yesssh. I thought you were going to handle that."
"What me? I can't cook!" Xander said a little bit in panic.
"Not to worry. They will both forget about dinner when I assshk them something."
"What are you going to ask."
"Well lets just ssshay that my plan issshn't over jet."
"Do I want to know?"
"I'll tell it to you later, together with Raf and my little buttercup."

Xander wanted to stop his drak, but he was to late. Crishisen was already on his way to the other two.

"Nelladuar.. I would like to assshk you something." Crishisen said and looked deeply in her eyes. He got a little closer to her, and wrapped his tale around her tail.
Raf looked at Xander as he followed Crishisen lead and wrapped his strong arms around his love. Raf leaned against him, and smiled happily.
"What isssh it Crishisen?"
Nelladuar asked. She didn't pull her tail away, but she wasn't eased.
"I would like for you to be my life mate.. But that'sssh not all. I would like usssh to start our own castle."

Nelladuar had turned her head alarmed towards him when she heard 'life mate'.
"Your drak knows how to take matters into his hands."
"Unfortunately he does." Xander said, smelling the hair of Raf and sighing as if this was a dream.
"And what would you do in that cassstle?"
"Well, everything, but only if it isssh with you." Crisishen said and nuzzled Nelladuars neck.
Nelladuar and Raf giggled and both said yes at the same time.