The Armadas

The armadas are all very colourful and fun to be in. Dawn Castle has 4 different armadas named all in the old language that was once known as Dutch.

Maan Armada
Armada of the very beginning
This is the armada with the High Princess and Prince, judges and main trainer.

Zonne Armada
Dawn's Pride Armada
This Armada is a large armada that contains 3 groups:
 Those who patroll the isle and act as police for when disputes happen between drakriders, those who defend the castle from attacks, and lastly, a more mobile team that can fight at a bigger distance from the castle

Sterre Armada
Armada of non-fighting personel
In this armada you can find Dawn Castle personel that is not involved in fighting but support the castle in other ways.

Bijl Armada
Not really an armada
Dawn Castle is located on an isle, therefore, one group of pirates plunders the castle many times. Raf decided that those "fun and colourfulg" (his words) people should have an armada as well