Ryvon & Desert Jumyix

Name: Ryvon
Age: 38
Gender: male

Description: Ryvon is a tall, slender man with neatly cut dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and a absent-minded smile on his face. His eyes often don't seem to look at you directly, but at something just behind and above your eyeline. Seeing as Acicade is situated in a temperate forest area, Ryvon usually wears long slacks or shorts (on those warmer summer days) and loose shirts with or without sweater. His favourite colour is brown and he often dresses in dark colours that are by far the least flashy one can ever find.
Personality: Ryvon is a rather absent-minded, quiet person. Of course, Ryvon doesn't get a lot of opportunities to talk with Kharone around. He is usually happy concentrating on his works, or whatever it is he thinks about when he's daydreaming, and only now and then says the first thing that comes in his mind, blurting it out in the most inopportune of times.
Hobbies: Fishing, Hiking, Daydreaming.

Occupation: High Prince of Acicade Castle
Family: Ryvon's parents, Lee-ain (60) and Peter (62) - he's their fourth child, are retired beekeepers and candlemakers. The two of them have recently restarted their small workplace though when they moved to Acicade to be closer to their son, his wife Kharone (36) and grandkids Kharin (16), Ivann (14), Peyron (11) and Radja (8).
Pets: none.


Name: Desert Jumyix
Age: Adult Drak, 16
Gender: male
Mate: Forest Warencha

Description: Desert Jumyix couldn't care less that he's a High prince now. Basically, he's like any other Desert around, being his own untactful, disrespectful self without a care in the world. Should anyone meet this drak he'll kindly answer your questions and then go on with his business, which usually means one of his hobbies, or when he's less fortunate, work.
Hobbies: Sleeping, Travelling, Wooing Warencha.