Riku & Day Mikoraob

Name: Riku
Age: 30
Gender: male

Description: Riku is short and wiry, with a mop of maroon-coloured hair that he keeps hanging to his shoulders, or tucked away in a neat pony tail. When you first meet him you'll usually find him smiling, the hard part is getting him to keep smiling.
Personality: Riku is short and he's got a complex about it. Don't ever mention this to him if you want to have an enjoyable flight to Acicade. He generally is a very amicable man, with a broad smile and a caustic sense of humour. He has a vicious temper though and he doesn't forget a single face, meaning that if you get on his bad side, you'll be staying there and he's going to remember. Scared yet?
Hobbies: Growing plants and flowers, Drawing.

Occupation: Judge at Acicade Castle
Family: Riku's family have always been herders, and maybe not much has changed since their middle son is now herding people in stead of animals. Riku still has contact with his parents, older brother and younger sister on a regular basis. He usually tries to drop into his home village once every month. As for a life partner, Riku's been taken, he just doesn't know it yet ^_^ I still have to write out their story though.
Pets: Forest Faerie Yamada (f) and Rock Faerie Suzuki (m)


Name: Day Mikoraob
Age: Adult Drak, 10
Gender: male
Mate: --

Description: Like his knight, Mikoraob is small for his species, but the optimistic Day doesn't let that fact bother him. After all, he's fast, bright and he gets to go out on Judge duty when all the others have to do chores around the castle. No, Mikoraob finds himself pretty lucky and if only his knight would realise it, he'd be content.
Hobbies: Flying, Goofing off, Chasing a certain female ;)