Name: Lahgoz
Age: 19
Gender: male

Description: Lahgoz isn't exceptionally tall. He's on the skinny side with well defined muscles and sinews. His body shows that he's a long distance runner. He has short blond hair that would curl if it got the chance to grow. His eyes are brown and friendly like they see the good in everything. Lahgoz mostly wears tight practical clothing that won't obstruct his movement nor get caught on his runs.
Personality: Lahgoz smiles often, likes to be loud and enjoys being the center of attention. He's charming and entertaining and loves to tell tall tales. He's not a great thinker but he's quick on his feet and steadfast. He started to run at a young age and has consequently seen a lot of Icarus. Yet it's never enough.
Family: Lahgoz' family is spread around the planet. They've been message runners for as long as their family history goes back. His parents and older sister are in good health. He doesn't see them often because of their work but they try to see each other as much as they can.

Pets: White Vulpa Norge (m) from Acicade Castle
Drak: Fire Mephis (m) from Acicade Castle

Running, Lahgoz felt like he could go on forever. Below his feet the grass sped by in a hazy blur. Trees and bushes were around him but all he could see was the road in front of him. With his well-trained rhtyhm, running hardly felt like exercise. Of course he'd get tired and when he did he hoped he would at least get to sleep in an inn or village in stead of under the night sky. If he was still on course, hard to tell in this vast forest, he'd be reaching Acicade castle in the late afternoon.
Breathing steadily he continued his way, running quietly, only now and then calling out a few words to make sure Norge, his vulpa was still following. The fox-like creature was as trained as he was and wouldn't trail off easily, but then Lahgoz didn't pretend to think he was more interesting than live prey and any fresh scent trails in the vicinity. But maybe today there were no creatures around because each time Norge yipped as soon as he called. The weather was turning colder but the approach of winter was more a silent promise than an actual threat in this forest with it's ever-green trees. Only sporadically did Lahgoz notice some brown, red or yellow leaves on the trees or ground.
Thinking such meaningless thoughts, the time continued and suddenly Lahgoz noticed that the forest had gotten clearer. A cold breeze came from up from his right handside, air travelling from the snow-covered pole of Icarus. He was getting closer.
Norge squealed and for a moment Lahgoz' pace faltered. Immediately upon the sound of alarm, the white vulpa appeared in front of him and growled at whatever it was that was ahead of them.
"Come out if you mean no harm!" Lahgoz called hoping he wasn't inviting a group of bandits to jump him with that courageous line.
Luckily it was just one man that came out from beneath the shade of the trees. One man and an earth drak. The Brown-winged white beast looked uninterested but something in his stance made Lahgoz think he was still very much aware of everything that happened.
"I see we hadn't expected you to have company, messenger." the man said.
"He's my protection." Lahgoz said.
"Are you perchance headed to Acicade?"
Lahgoz debated whether he should tell the man that he was or hope he'd be left alone if he denied it. His silence continued and the man seemed to draw his own conclusion from it.
"I see you are. It just so happens I'm a knight there. And I know you carry a message for High Princess Kharone." he smiled amused when Lahgoz' startled look gave him away, "but you always have one for me." he added, "A message from Aroane to Aruno."
"You're Aruno?" Lahgoz asked.
Aruno nodded, "And that's Defaya. Would you mind giving me the message?"
"I'd first want to deliver the one to the High princess. I promised to make haste."
"I have no choice then." Aruno shrugged, "I hope that little vulpa of yours doesn't mind flying because Defaya'll bring us to Acicade in no time."
"I'd prefer running." Lahgoz said calmly.
"You ssshould get uszed to flying." the drak spoke with a deep rumbling and hissing.
"Why? I won't get offered many more rides."
"He means you'll soon be asked to be an aspirant. Defaya knows these things though he isn't a judge. Now let's make haste."

Night was falling and all inside Acicade Castle lights lit up where humans and draks were enjoying their diner.
But then a long deep rumble shook the castle's walls. Progress at last for the people of Acicade and the aspirants waiting to mind pair. Most of the castle rushed to the deep cavern, trying to get a front row seat for the joyful event of the mind pairing.
Inside the cavern, the aspirants for the draklings gathered. The five of them loitered around the feeding tables. Rackham was the most flamboyant of the five, his big feathery hat firmly on his head. Behind him Yone and Fresia stood together, talking nervously about was about to happen. The two of them had become good friends with their shared interest of studying. Beside them the young messenger Lahgoz looked as if he'd rather run away from all this than to pair this evening. Lastly Kraaje looked determined to pair this evening and get back to her love as fast as she could.
Swiftly, as if to appease the waiting audience, the heavy metal doors to the deep cavern opened with a slight squeal. Out strode Vyreduis, her bright blue hide glowing in the abundant light. Behind her five draklings entered the room below the watchful eye of their father
The first to move out from behind her mother was black as the night outside. Impatient by the pairing of their sister, a bright green male plant and a bright red-gold fire male moved away from behind their mother. The two boisterous males did not wait for either one to impress. In stead they headed in a straight line to the one they wanted to pair.
Vyreduis announced "Meisph, may his life be as bright as his colour."
The fire drakling meanwhile pursued the messenger Lohgaz who took a step back each time the brightly grinning drak took a step forward. Suddenly though the drakling tripped and he fell. Lohgaz turned around, and worriedly took a step forward.
"Hungry!" Meisph whimpered, "feed me."

Trained by Kerun and Mud Jushiaren
Knight Training

Though Lahgoz had tried to educate Meisph in the manners of humans, the drak still came on too strong or most humans on his first encounter. His toothy grin and wild, sparkling eyes frightened even the most stable. But as the more daring learned in future meetings, Meisph was as harmless as a puppy and just about as friendly and energetic.
The two of them spent most of their time in between castles and villages, delivering messages on the whole surface of Icarus. It was on one of those voyages that Lahgoz said this to it's knight:
"We've been moving around a lot of late."
"That's the life of a messenger. It's been ages since I last visited my family. Our schedules keep mismatching."
"Maybe we should fix that."
"I don't think the stream of messages is going to lessen just because we want it."
"But what if we had other duties?" Meisph mused, "What if we had to stay in one Castle for a long time? Like say, long enough for draklings to hatch."
"I thought there wasn't a devious bone in your body."
"Not a bone, but maybe a few hairs..."

Lahgoz and Meisph joined the Fugue Armada as Message runners and Trainers
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