Kharone & Forest Warencha

Name: Kharone
Age: 36
Gender: female

Description: Kharone is a fragile-looking woman with pale skin, light brown hair and green eyes. She never seems to tan, most likely because she likes to dress in gowns, pants, shirts and shawls that cover most of her sensitive skin. Unlike her husband, she enjoys bright and flashy colours and frequently dresses in ways that make it unable to not notice her in a crowd.
Personality: Though Kharone looks fragile and seems to ooze a constant caring, gullible atmosphere, it all changes when she opens her mouth. She's a loud-mouthed, strong-willed, spirited woman that won't take no for an answer and has to have it her way, or no way. We assume her forest drak Warencha got hung up on her aura and only realised her mistake after she bonded ;) Though in all fairness, Kharone is an optimistic, friendly person, ...when things go her way.
Hobbies: Scaring others, Ordering people around, Reading.

Occupation: High Princess of Acicade Castle
Family: Both Kharone's parents have died of illness, leaving her only with a distant brother she never talks to anymore and a husband, Ryvon (38) and their children Kharin (16), Ivann (14), Peyron (11) and Radja (8).
Pets: Fire Faerie Ruben (m)


Name: Forest Warencha
Age: Adult Drak, 15
Gender: female
Mate: Desert Jumyix

Description: Warencha is, like all forests, optimistic and friendly in nature. She enjoys keeping secrets and helping her knight with her job and life. For a High princess drak, Warencha is rather playful and inattentive, but she's come to love to scare people as much as her knight. Ruling through intimidation might not be the best of ways to handle a castle, but it sure can be fun ;)
Hobbies: Playing with Ruben, Getting attention from Jumyix, Running around Castle Acicade getting to know the people.