Aruno & Earth Defaya

Name: Aruno
Age: 33
Gender: male

Description: Aruno can, certainly be described as a ladies man. He's tall, nicely built with a head of amazingly swishy brown, almost black hair and two very sparkly (full of joy, malice, passion, fierceness depending on the situation) blue eyes that have not met their match.
Personality: Aruno is, like most people expect ninjas to be, calm, stern with a face that doesn't betray his emotions. Of course this is just a front, in his own free time, Aruno is a very emotional person with a wide range of expressions on his features. But not too many people get to see him like this since he enjoys his reputation and the way women turn their head when this big (c)hunk of mystery walks by.
Hobbies: Working out, Practicing his fighting, Running

Occupation: High Knight of the Elegia (ninja) Armada.
Family: Aruno considers his fellow ninja his family and is very quiet about his 'real' family. We do know for a fact though that his parents have died a long time ago, which is how he joined the ninjas in the first place, and that he has a younger sister somewhere. As for love, Aruno seems to be as chaste as a monk, but with his skills of deception it is hard to say for sure. Rumours sure fly about every so often that Aruno is wooing a woman or two. Who's to say for sure? Well, I know of course, but I'm not telling ^_^
Pets: none (they'd get in the way of work)


Name: Earth Defaya
Age: Adult Drak, 4
Gender: male
Mate: --

Description: Defaya looks rather sparkly with his sparkly white hide and dark brown wings, he sure doesn't look like a drak that could be in the ninja squad. But this is where you're mistaking. In fact, Defaya is a disguise expert. He doesn't mind getting down and dirty for his job, which means he spends a lot of his time covered in mud/ moss/ straw. He's an Earth after all, stubborn, and unshakable once he's set his goals.
Hobbies: Making Disguises, Keeping his mouth shut about the love life of his Knight and watching the gossips squirm because of it (hey, as long as Defaya gets to mate at regular intervals he doesn't care what his knight does, he's practical).