Meet the Masters
"This is the mountain where the Grand Masters of Gineya live." Whirl says.
"Can we just go up here?" you ask.
She gives you a weird look and says: "Of course, we like fun too you know."
You consider her words for a while, to make sure you got it all right...she's a Grand Master?
"Yes, I am, Any Wicena who trains hard enough can become one."
You come to a great plateau and see the other masters sitting in a big circle.
"It's time for our dayly gather." Whirl says and flies to her spot in the circle, next to her life mate.

"How does a Wicena become a Grand Master?"
"You have to be promoted. Once a year we choose the new masters."
"Can everyone join?"
"Well, they have to be masters already and they have to apply."
"Just filling out a form?"
"No, we'd like a story to tell us more about why you're applying and what you would know, the usual. The best applicants will be chosen."

Wicena Promotions are Open