1. General info
Name: Svarpian
Size: Medium, about 6 meters of length.
Care: Part Time
Bonder: Not necessary
Stages: child & adult, hatchling and gargantuan stages available on request.

2. Care Instructions
Svarpians live in the Ryvern Marshes on the northern side of the Isle. They are solitary creatures that don't need a lot of attention. They can slitter soundlessly over about any surface and through shallow waters, floating on their flippers. Those flippers and the end of the tail have tiny suction cups to enable them to climb walls and trees. 

3. Mating Info
Once a year all svarpians gather and hold contests. The winners of those contests are allowed to mate. This is how svarpians ensure the hatchlings will be strong. The female(s) lays around 20-40 eggs shortly after. Females and males are allowed to compete every year, however it is unlikely they'd win two years in a row. 
Years ago the marshes were a dangerous place and nobody was allowed inside. Recently though, the Wicena masters cast a spell of protection over the area ensuring the safe return of anybody who might otherwise come to harm.

4. Colours
Some colours are more common than others, this is likely due to camouflage. On the more common scale are green, brown, black, grey and tan-coloured (or bamboo) svarpians. Less common are the brighter colours like red, yellow and blue. Even rarer still are the white and pastel svarpians. Those last two colours are caused by recessive genes. These svarpians are usually frail and often don't live to adulthood. Even when they do, they tend to be smaller and more slender than other svarpians.

Green: pretty easy to care for, they can go a long time without food or care.
Brown: usually dwell in trees, they enjoy to scare people.
Black/Grey: shy with a tendency to keep to the shadows, they don't mind the cold.
Bamboo: the most vicious, they also tend to grow the largest.
Red: very confident and strong, they enjoy company more than the average svarpian
Yellow: cheery and sensitive, they usually don't pose much of a threat.
Blue: cool and collected, they don't like exercise much.
White: good-natured and friendly, quite unlike an actual svarpian.
Pastel: shy and easily frightened, they'll need extra care from their owners.