Gineya HQ Security Update
Gineya Isle has recently seen a lot more trafic due to it's close neighbour Lantessama Isle's resurface into the Nexus. Added visitors means added threats to the wildlife and endangered species hosted within. Which led to the realisation that a security upgrade was in order. 
Precisely at that time an invite was issued from a certain Mystic who was looking for places where she could house a hive of Fey, small winged fairylike dragonoids. The hive on itself would claim all of Gineya, and maybe even the entirety of Syl'Neriss as it's own. One individual per hive, a sentinel that has been created for this purpose, can interact with other species and can learn to identify threats. Once identified as a threat, the sentinel can summon the hive to relentlessy hunt the offending individual. 
At the next meeting of the different Gineyan regions, this option was discussed. All agreed that it would be a cost effective and low-maintenance way of getting security. After all, all the fey demand is a secluded spot with access to fish and bugs - the Ryvern marshes seemed to be a likely spot to house the hive. But some people did have some reserve concerning the relentless hunting of offenders. To which the administrators answered that anyone seeing the swarm leave, could probably summon one of the Wicena to calm the swarm and take the offender into custody.
The project was deemed viable with more information and Gudrun took it upon herself to contact Mystic to get all the data needed.  

After extra information, it was decided that the hive would be housed between the Ryvern marshes and the Crescent Vale Heights so the Wicena could keep a good eye on it and the area would still be pretty abandoned. Additional warning signs were posted and the Isle awaited the arrival of the new species.

The Administrators

Name: Gudrun
Age: 30
Gender: Female
She's a tall redhead with a direct way of doing things. Tactless.
Job: Head administrator



Name: Zayne
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Description: A bit scruff-looking with curly hair and a beard. Calm and collected. 
Job: Administrator



Dynamic: Gudrun is in charge, but she values Zayne's opinion so in effect they are partners who run Gineya Isle as a tandem with the regional leaders to support them. They hold regular meetings and vote to decide on things. 

Stance against the Fey Sentinel and Hive: Gudrun will most likely keep a more distant stance, with Zayne being the one who'll have the most contact with the sentinel but both will make certain that the Sentinel is loyal to them. They will treat it and the hive right to ensure the least amount of trouble. Any svarpian that dares venture close will learn soon enough that a part of their swamp has been invaded and shouldn't be messed with. 

The Fey Sentinel
Name: Aqua Leaf
Gender: Male
Size: 18-24cm
Colour: Iriscident Green
Origin: Tris'hath, the Warren
    * Will Bite Anything
    * Expert homing and tracking system
    * The only fey who'll be able to go far from the hive
    * The only fey to make a connection with individual(s) from another species.
    * Can be trained.

"So this is the sentinel?" Gudrun asked Mystic.
"It is, it's a male. You just have to give it a name and it will respond to you."
Zayne examined the little creature, his hide was scaled, shimmering bright blue and green. His fangs looked appropriately sharp and though he was small, bites would not be pleasant. 
"He looks a bit like an Aqua Leaf." Zayne remarked.
To which the fey sentinel reacted with a little nudge.
"I guess you just gave him his name." Mystic remarked dryly.
'As long as it works." Gudrun shrugged.

The Fey Hive
The fey form hives made from plant material, mostly wood pulp, supplemented with mud, resin and their own secretions. The hive is constructed around multiple brood cells that are hexagonal in form and functions as a protective envelope. Sometimes they use an existing structure as base, such as a hollow tree (but not the one the svarpians nest in), a rock cavity or openings in an under buildings. The Gineya Hive is located in a veteran tree that's close to the mountains so it isn't all that easily accessed. Not even the administrators get out there often, the sentinel comes to them.
A Fey hive consists of a few different species:
1. A queen: 18-24cm large, about as large as the sentinel. She never leaves her hive. Except right after she is born, taking a part of the existing hive with her to start a new colony somewhere else. This will only happen when the hive grows too large. It is advised against and measures have been taken to ensure the hive will maintain a healthy size that can be supported by it's environment. Any attempts to interact with the queen will be met with immediate attack.
2. Soldiers: 5-8cm, the fey who guard the hive. With the introduction of the sentinel, they come to listen to it and will work as one to protect the hive.
3. Drones: 5-8cm, the few fey who are born male and are meant to fertilise the queen so she can lay eggs to make future generations of workers.
4. Workers: 5-8cm, the fey that support the hive with their work. Infertile and willing to lay down their lives for the greater good of the hive. Probably the only fey you have a chance to observe without coming too close to the hive and being labeled as a threat.

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