1. List of Abandoned Dragons
"Welcome to the Lair of the Restless." You here a voice say when you enter the soft yellow room. You look around and try to find the woman who just talked to you. Then you see her, a tall woman with long brown hair, about 35 years of age.
"Don't mind the name, some of our residents felt funny when they named this room. We do take care of abandoned Gineyans here though."
"Does every abandoned creature return here?"
"No, not by far. Wicenas for example choose a life mate and live in the Vale. Svarpians usually return to the swamp, maybe not the whites. Atcydias are the most likely to come back for re-imprinting."
You nod. "It's seems rather empty."
"It is, we haven't had abandonings in a long while."

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