Name: Railu
Gender: female
Age: 20
Key Words:
friendly, calm, mysterious

Railu opened the door of her forest hut and was greeted by the sound of the midday birds singing their songs. She knew them well. Yet the sounds of their singing was different today. They probably knew she was leaving. Railu hoped to return to her house here, but Wicena's often stayed in the Vale.
Railu grabbed the letter in her pocket and read the invitation again. There was no doubt. She'd been asked to visit the Vale in hopes of bonding a Wicena. How they even knew about her she didn't know. But then Wicena were magical dragons. Railu didn't ponder about it too much.
Listening to the songs of her forest birds one more time, Railu walked through her forest and finally left it. She embarked on the road toward the Crescent Vale Heights. It would take her a few days to reach them on foot, but Railu didn't mind walking. She was in good shape and the physical exercise felt good to her.

Having reached the Vale after an uneventful journey, Railu gently knocked on what she knew to be the gate. It was just a smooth patch in a smooth cliff but without a doubt it was the door. Railu didn't know how she knew but sometimes she knew things. She didn't question that ability much.
The door opened and Railu stepped inside. Quietly she followed the person before her. She knew where she was headed anyway. They entered a small cavern she knew was called the egg vault and felt the midday sun on her cheeks.
Inside of the egg vault a single egg lay waiting. There wasn't much choice but Railu knew the egg would only hatch for the right person anyway. She also knew she was that person. Quietly she waited for cracks to form on the egg's surface.
A head and tail pushed through and a female white Wicena looked into Railu's eyes.
"My name is Frenuli." she said.
"I know."

Frenuli (f)




Skill Learned: Hide (lv1)


Mate: Light Luobej
Skills Learned: Fade Away (lv2), Farsight (lv1)

Grand Master

Skills Learned: Vanish (lv3),
Telekinesis (lv2), Growth (lv1)

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