Name: Piya
Gender: female
Age: 18
Key Words:
empathic, social, emotional

Piya looked down and waited for Tansu to catch up with her. The two of them were interstellar travellers who sought to climb every significant mountain ridge in the galaxy. They'd started only a year ago, and their dream would most likely never be fulfilled, but meanwhile they were at least having fun.
Tansu loved being in the company of Piya. With her exaggerated mannerisms and social nature she livened up with every stranger they met. He knew that if it wasn't for him they'd never be doing this. And yet Piya also really enjoyed climbing. It was a passion she'd found only after she'd met Tansu.
At the moment they were climbing the mountains to reach the Crescent Vale Heights. They weren't the most difficult mountains they'd encountered to date, but they were said to be impregnable for unwanted company.
"Do you see an entrance yet?" Tansu asked Piya.
"I was busy looking at you." she retorted, "You looked rather scared at times."
Tansu laughed: "Are you sure you weren't confusing my ecstatic and scared expressions?"
Piya shrugged and looked around. Grey walls were everywhere around her. An entranceway might be found on the other side, but people had advised against coming in from the jungle. Not many people survived travelling there apparently.
"I think I see a rift." Tansu suddenly said and pointed.
A dark squiggly line extended from halfway up the cliff to a ledge relatively close to where they were standing. Some greenery spilled out of the cliff where sand had no doubt found a wind-free bed.
"It looks promising." Piya agreed, "But would it be this easy?"
"These people have been saying the Vale is impregnable for centuries. Everyone believes it. But there's no way it's really true." Tansu insisted.
Together they advanced. They bridged the little distance to the bottom of the rift and walked inside. One could barely walk regularly. At some places Tansu had to shuffle through sideways though Piya did not have too many problems navigating through.
The two of them seemed to walk for hours, both of them wondering if it had been wise to keep on this long. Evening would fall soon and they hadn't crossed a possible campsite yet. They pushed on, because going back wasn't an option either.
"Welcome guests." A voice said.
Tansu and Piya jumped. Just thirty feet away from them stood a woman. Behind her an orange-coloured Fire Wicena sat in the shade. The dragon looked at them, but generally didn't seem to mind them approaching.
"We found an entry." Tansu said trying to not sound disrespectful.
"You found a gate." Neyla smiled, "Gates can be locked."
The young blond woman clapped her hands and suddenly the rift behind them was gone.
"Now follow me to the eggs. I'm sure you'd like them."

Piya walked into the egg vault, which really looked like a cave with a leaky roof filled with futuristic equipment and strange magical devices. In the center of it a single egg lay separated from a small group of two.
"These eggs are from two different clutches." Neyla explained.
Piya nodded but didn't really know what was expected of her. So she just waited. Tansu seemed to do the same and Neyla kept quiet. So it seemed like the right thing to do. The silence soon grew uncomfortable though. Piya fidgeted and opened her mouth.
At that time one of the eggs shattered and a little white dragon fell out, it's hide shiny and wet.
"My name is Evara." she said.

Evara (f)




Skill Learned: Farsight (lv1)


Mate: Fire Fiyfogg
Skills Learned: Telekinesis (lv2), Feel Emotions (lv1)

Grand Master

Skills Learned: Teleport (lv3),
Send out Emotions (lv2), Fog Minds (lv1)

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