Name: Onive
Gender: female
Age: 18
Key Words:
gentle, bubbly, generous

Onive stood on the deck of the ferry and watched as Gineya became larger. The dragon island seemed to glow in the evening sun. Onive strained her body to be as close as she could be to the mountains where she was headed. Somewhere hidden in those mountains was the Crescent Vale. This valley was home to the Wicena Dragons, magical, wonderful beings. And she had been invited to impress one.
Onive laughed out loud and smiled, her whole body feeling energetic and powerful. It was like her life had just begun. She'd been born the third daughter of a fisherman, living on one of the man-made island boats. She hadn't minded living there, but as they drifted across the ocean both land and sky, the two entities she could see but never touch, had been immensely attractive to her.
The ferry docked and Onive felt the strange solidness of earth for the first time. There was no swaying, no gentle rocking. The feeling almost made her feel uncomfortable, but she really wanted this. Determined to reach the mountains she took step after step and found the strange feeling disappearing.
Onive visted the center where she got her Gineyan ID and then rode a bus to the mountains. The vale could only be reached on foot or on dragonback. Since she didn't have a dragon (yet), she'd have to walk.
For someone so used to the sea the road was long and hard, the path didn't seem to want her to reach the Vale, like sometimes the sea opposed a boat sailing her. Onive pushed through though, as stubborn as the sea and finally reached the Vale. The place looked stony and barren but she knew that was only the outside, shielded from harm by the stone walls was a paradise of greenery and warmth. She only needed to get inside.
"Hello!" she called, "I'm here for the eggs! My name's Onive."
"We've been expecting you." A voice said behind her.
Turning around, Onive looked into the eyes of a small woman with reddish-white hair and freckles. Slightly thrown off by her looks Onive wondered who she was.
"My name is Cercei, dear." the woman said, "I suggest you watch your thoughts around the Vale. More than one dragon here knows how to read minds." she winked and the knocked on the wall opening up a large vaulted entrance.
"Follow me please."

The eggs lay in a neat circle. There were three. Onive felt strange being the first human to be allowed entrance. It was such a sacred moment she wondered if anything would really happen. She'd love for an egg to hatch, but she'd been told that bonders were sometimes left standing. What would happen if no egg hatched? Would she be allowed to try again? She hoped so because she'd no placed to return to. Well she did, but it wasn't an option in her mind.
'Hatch!' she hoped and prayed.
And then a shiver went through one of the eggs. Barely noticeable it shook and cracks formed. The spidery lines grew larger and darker until they shattered.
Awed Onive stood as the white hatchling Wicena dropped from his egg. The female Wicena got up and shook herself like a dog would when he's wet. Making some little squeaky noises she looked at Onive and said:
"Who would leave you? My name is Waomei."

Waomei (f)




Skill Learned: Soothing (lv1)


Mate: Air Amders
Skills Learned: Induce Sleep (lv 2) & Call Rain (lv1)

Grand Master

Skills Learned: Heal (lv3),
Shoot flows of water (lv2), Farsight (lv1)

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