Name: Letse
Gender: female
Age: 22
Key Words:
seductive, certain, tease

"Where are my things?" Letse asked.
She was getting more and more annoyed about her servant. Flipping back her long black hair, Letse unintentionally struck a sexy pose. She'd been admired for her beauty since she'd been much younger and she'd put that adoration to good use. It had become second nature to her to look sexy.
"I'm sorry mistress." the obnoxious salesperson told her, "They've been held back and will come with the next boat."
"Why would you do that? Such a shoddy service!"
Javert sighed and tried to reason with the woman, "There was too much. It will take less than an hour to have it delivered."
"That won't do." Letse returned to her sexy sulking pose and let the handling to Javert.
Javert knew things would not go faster than he'd arranged them. Hiring the extra boat to ferry the luggage to Gineya had cost him a a bundle and it looked like he'd taken on more than he could chew by accepting Letse's business. She paid well, but most of that fee ended up paying for the extra costs.
"How much longer?" Letse asked.
"38 minutes." Javert told her.
"They better not be damaged. It'll cost you if they're damaged."
"They won't be, mistress."
"When will we leave for the vale?"
Letse returned to tanning and let Javert do whatever was needed, like a good servant should do. Tomorrow she would see the Vale. She could hardly wait.

"Follow me please." Redys asked.
Redys was the woman who'd been assigned to show them the way around the vale and to do make them feel comfortable. Letse had been pleasantly surprised to find one of the grand masters was chosen to lead them around. She saw Javert look astounded at her behaviour but inside she could only smile. After all Redys did respond to her wishes, even if the woman didn't like it. Letse got a kick out of seeing her boil.
The three of them entered a cavern with an open roof that had eggs inside. The eggs lay neatly in groups. Javert kept a respectful distance and shook his head when letse barged through them like a tank. Did the woman not have an ounce of courtesy in her body? Surprisingly though Letse not only managed to walk through without breaking an egg she also managed to pinpoint the exact egg that was reacting to her presence.
"That one's mine." she cooed.
Not much later a white hatchling did fall out onto the ground.
"My name is Diryan." she spoke.
From his right, Javert also heard noises. Looking down a white hatchling was also sitting at his feet, yawning and blinking his eyelids.
"I'm Echlon." it spoke before dozing of.

Diryan (f)





Skill Learned: Farsight (lv1)


Mate: Earth Echlon
Skills Learned: Telekinesis (lv2), Create shadows (lv1)

Grand Master

Skills Learned: Teleport (lv3),
Solar Eclipse (lv2), Shockwave (lv3)

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