Name: Adelina
Gender: female
Age: 14
Key Words:
innocent, pure, naive

Adelina followed her mentor Cercei across the vale. She looked up to the small feeble-looking 65-year old  woman. Not only was she her great-aunt, but she was also one of the leaders of the vale and bond to Pure Winshar, a Wicena who had no match.
"Aunt Cercei!" Adelina said, "Are we going to visit Winshar?"
Cercei chuckled and said, "I think he's seen enough of you dear. He flew away this morning and he said I shouldn't expect him back before evening."
"Why!" she tantrummed, "I'm nice to him, aren't I?"
"He has work." Cercei said, "So have I actually."
"I can't stay?"
"Only if you keep still."
"I'll be quiet as a mouse." Adelina vowed.
The two of them continued walking through the hallways until they reached a small cosy room. Adelina looked around and then a smile cracked her face:
"Aunty, you didn't say we'd be coming to the egg-cavern!"
"Just don't disturb the eggs." Cercei said.
"I'll just look from a distance." Adelina promised.

Adelina approached the eggs and waited like she was told. She absolutely loved coming to the egg vault but not too many people were allowed in. Too much commotion could spook the hatchlings she'd been told and at one time some needed to be broken out or they would have died because of the stress. Adelina would not be the cause of anything remotely similar.
In the future though she wanted to come here officially to impress. What colour would her Wicena grow up to be? What gender would it be? How old would she be? In her mind She'd be only slightly older when she impressed. Her aunt preferred for bonders to be at least 16. Two more years to go.
With all her thinking, the soft crackling behind Adelina went unnoticed. Unnoticed until a hatchling Wicena stood behind her and asked:
"You didn't want me yet?"
"Adelina!" Cercei called with an angry undertone.
"I didn't touch!" she called, running toward the Wicena for shelter. Her aunt would never punish her in front of a dragon surely. Soon fear became wonder and Adelina forgot her predicament. There was a Wicena who wanted to bond her!
"What's your name?" she asked.
"You're a girl!" Adelina cried out.
"Is that wrong?"
"That's perfect!" Adelina said hugging the little hatchling.

Pashmina (f)

Pashmina was sleeping soundly, her head perched on Adelina's legs. Sadly though, she'd been like that for two hours and Adelina's legs were numb and tingling. Holding her breath and trying to shift the weight into a better position Adelina did not notice the small curl of a smile on Pashmina's muzzle.
"You'll break my neck if you keep pulling it like that."
Shocked Adelina retracted her hands, causing Pashmina's head to fall - rather painfully - back into her lap.
"That hurt." Pashmina sulked.
"You're already 1 year old." Adelina retorted, "Why do you still need long afternoon naps?"
"Because they're fun." Pashmina yawned, "I'm still sleepy."
The Wicena put her head back and was fast asleep only moments later. Adelina leaned back and sighed. She wouldn't get anything done today again. She really wanted to help her great-aunt with her duties and with her spending more time at the Vale because of Pashmina she'd hoped she'd earn some respect.
Slowly, Adelina's eyelids too began to droop. The weather was warm, the air was fragrant and there was hardly any noise. Slowly Adelina's thoughts turned into dreams.



Skill Learned: Sense Truth (lv1)


Mate: Spirit Setsuri
Skills Learned: Shield (lv1), Farsight (lv1)

Grand Master

Skills Learned: Ward (lv2),
Draw Truth (lv2), Telekinesis (lv2)

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