Day had begun on star city , announced by a lighting of soft yellow-white-lights that brightened the bays and made them shine. In one of the hatching bays, Yulisath was tending her eggs. Excited she saw them move and crack. The candidates were called and soon a green female hatched. Her long, serpentine body still dripping with albumen and spackled with shell detritus. Maw gaping to take in her first breath, the tiny green dragonet spread her wings--and the audience's noise-level picked up a notch. The dragonets wings... weren't quite attached to her body! They floated like cyborware enhancements to either side of her forelimbs, stretching just a little as the dragonet gained her balance.
As if waiting for that first bonding proclamation to be made, several other dragonets cracked or burst or just plain shattered out of their ovoid confines when their sister had made her choice. The first, a brown as pale as tea with cream, slithered towards the candidates as another pair, a sunshine yellow and another, grassier green, got their bearings.
After the bonding of his brown brother, the yellow dragonet was already bouncing and stumbling, his detached wings bobbing at his sides, towards a clump of Star Dancers. Indubitably, he picked Geel, and when the pair of them passed the attending archivist, he tried to make the creature guess what his name was! Finally, he admitted to being Esferien, and the pair went on.
Swarming back to her group of sisters, Geel was congratulated by the calm green, but looked envious upon by her younger sister Violet who did not like not being the first to bond. But when she noticed that Esferien talked to her as well and let her stroke his head with her claws she quieted down.
"Thanks." Geel answered, "She can be quite the handful, but she is my sister."
"She has good nails." Esferien answered shamelessly.

Name: Esferien
Bonded to: Geel
Gender: Male
Colour: Yellow
Breed: Eastern/Alskyrian Mutt
Abilities: Fire-Breath, Teleportation, Very Basic Light-Based Magic
Size: Medium-Large
Height: 16'
Length: 48'
Genetic Rating: 5
Personality: A joyful spirit, Esferien is always looking for the next big game. He's one of those dragons with a very high energy level (bouncing of the walls, with him at least, is an understatement!) He can be gentle, and he's always kind, but his general enthusiasm for the world at large often labels him as a troublemaker. Give him a large, free range, and he'll be the most happy.
Cyborware: Esferien may redeem one minor cyborware token upon adult-hood.

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