Fluttering anxiously, Violet and Green raced to the hatching bay where the eggs had supposedly started to 'pop' one after the other as if it were a race. Being airborn, Violet and Green did have some advantage, but being tiny kind of complicated things.
After they'd reached the bay, they noticed that a bunch of eggs had already hatched. At the forefront of the newborn quartet was a flashy red female--much like her father. Ergou, the father in question, was grinning widely to himself. His own children were beautiful... though it looked like he'd have competition, at this rate! Whatever the case, the little cream and red female was smartly heading towards the crowd, while a teal, red-headed female (they all seemed to have manes, much like both parents) kept only a step behind her. A brown male was trotting along a few feet behind his sisters, while a... well, a pickle green male seemed to straggle along, as if he really didn't care who he bonded.
There was a moments hush as the hatchlings, already seeming older then their few minutes of life, fanned out among the candidates. The only thing to break the pregnant pause was the clattering of eggshells, as Havranna's eggbound offspring furiously attempted to join their walking (if sopping) brethren.
Violet, set up beside her Star Dancer sibling, Groen, was the first to feel the eyes of a dragonet land on her. "Well," Corrientre Selamputo said, coming to a full stop by the tiny candidate, "You look like you've been standing around here for ages! If that's the case, then come get me something to eat, my dear. I'm positively starving!"

Name: Corrientre Selamputo
Bonded to: Violet
Gender: Female
Colour: Red
Element: Fire
Breed: Lvarian Mutt
Abilities: Telepathy, Summon Fire, Control Fire, Half-Shifting (from mother to father's general form)
Size: Medium-Small
Height: 10'
Genetic Rating: Not Available
Personality: Corrientre is a strange dragoness, for a Fire. One would think her to be passionate and carefree... which she can be, at times... but she's also firm and commanding, and won't take garbage from people, should they try to dish it. Like a stern mother, she has a way of putting people in their place.
Cyborware: Corrientre may redeem one minor cyborware token upon adult-hood.

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