It was night, black with not too many stars, but sometimes, before Alandra's eyes the sky turned with vivid shades of dark green and purple, like northern lights playing tag. Alandra had learnt not to act on her wishes all the time, people seemed to freak when she decided the sky would suit her mood better if it was pink. She winced at the thought - it really had been a lovely shade of dark pink.
Flying into the hatching cave she waited, and waited, seeing light and dark-coloured dragons hatch and pass her by.
Three eggs hatched at once then, a purple, a red and a brown. While the red and brown were clear light courts, the rich purple dark court dragon was the first to make her pick. Moving with that seductive air and planting herself right in front of Alandra, the star dancer, while she was dark, there was something more rich, then evil in her eyes.
"I am Jiiath, and I want to help you paint the skies." She announced.
Alandra, feeling overwhelmed by emotions, and struck with a sudden need to make things purple -though it didn't exactly originate from her, yielded to the sensation, allowing Jiiath to bathe the hatching ground in a dark royal purple, a purple that would suit the night sky...

Dark Purple Jiiath


Returning to Gineya, Alandra soon found that a growing dark-court dragon was not satisfied with a beautiful perch in a willow tree, hanging up-side down to gaze at sunsets. In fact, Jiiath did not seemed to like hanging upside down at all. Her loss. In the back of her mind, where she thought Jiiath would not find it, she believed that the dragon was just angry that she, a much smaller creature, had been able to learn how to push away those hauntingly dark and sad purples. Alandra did not want to sound as if Star Dancers were better than dragons, they just were.
"Alandra!" Jiiath called.
"What?" the pink star dancer answered.
"You're doing it again."
Jiiath's face suddenly was very close to hers, a dark-red eye watching her every move. Blowing out an angry sigh, the dragoness opened her mouth and said: "You think you can hide things from me, you think you are better... let me tell you: You cannot run, you cannot hide, I'll always be there and I know what you fear!"
"Everyone knows what I fear." Alandra said, "Isn't is obvious? I fear the absence of colour... hello!"
Flapping away as if nothing had happened, Alandra went back to colouring her sky. A tad more yellow in the left corner, some more pinks near the center of the horizon. To appease Jiiath she even put in some dark purples at the corners.
Not far away, one dark court purple dragoness was looking frustrated at the back of the small star dancer. One bite... she thought, One flame and this will all be over. But she could not bring herself to harm her bond, silly creature as it might be. She sighed and used Alandra's power to cut the sunset short, turning the whole of the sky a deep, rich purple, only a streak of yellow remaining in the center. Alandra still was her bond after all...and yellow wasn't that bad...

Alandra was adopted at Gineya Isle
Jiiath adopted at the Vella Crean
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