Mieke's Halloween 2004 Dragons

Stories were lost but here are stats pages!

Grinning pumpkins lighted the small heart of the holiday cave. Their moving light made more shadow than it illuminated the grey walls, but a large gathering of eggs could be easily seen around the center fire. Outside the cave laughter sounded and more than once the small rapid patter of children's feet could be heard outside. 
The Candidates entered the cavern, The flames inside the pumpkin lanterns casting light and shadow on their faces, obscuring them until Wickedness could not make out their features. She did however see two equally interested eyes on the opposite wall of the cave. So daddy had made his way into the holiday cave as well. This could get interesting.
The eggs in the center of the cave started wobbling and silence descended onto the candidates. It seemed as if everyone was holding their breath. Wickedness herself arched forward. It was always uncertain what would hatch from these genetically altered eggs. That had been clear to her from the moment she had heard about this clutch. She could barely be called adult, but that wouldn't stop her from trying to bond.
The second female then rose to her feet and wobbled toward the weapons, only to pass Donriven who let out a relieved sigh, and was rewarded by an angry look from Trix. Finally the hatchling stopped near one of the empty tables where some leftover decorations were laying. Rummaging through the heap the hatchling was soon covered in fake cobwebs and pieces of black cloth. Throwing a witch' head away she stopped at the broomstick, hurriedly pulling out the straw until she was left with a long wooden stick. 
Crooning happily the hatchling made no move toward the candidates and in stead remained swinging her stick on the table, looking amazed as it twirled above her head.
"We'll find a home for this one later." Lucas nodded, "But we will need her name."
"Zjavella." the hatchling said, not even breaking eye contact with her stick long enough to look toward the Laedrys. 
The third last egg broke and a yellowish male wandered from the broken shell, his movements quick and minimalist. When he reached Donriven he just pointed to the Samurai sword hanging from the wall. After that he opened his mouth only to say, "Omoimori." then he bowed slightly and left for the feeding tables, not even bothering to look at the other unbonded, though he did glance over the blond female Zjavella once.

Stick Zjavella (f) & Samourai Omoimori (m)

All dragons adopted at Lantessama Isle