Father Frances was reading his bible in the peaceful garden. It was a beautiful day in the Vatican. The first flowers emerged and the weather was getting milder with the sun growing stronger every day. It was time she could shine her light and awaken nature after the long dark winter. In the Vatican, there was a nervous business now, with the upcoming Christian holliday, Easter. Soon all church cloacks would come to Rome to pick up the eastereggs and also the easterbunnies would be standing in line to receive their load to spread the spirit of Easter all over the world. So everyone was in an manic state of cheerful-but-we-have-to-hurry-to-get-everything-done-in-time. To escape all of the fuss, Father Frances had retreaded himself in the garden and made himself comfortable on a wooden banch. When he was reading and rethinking Johannes, 11, vers 1-45, his attention was drawn to a little, cute bunny that was sitting on the grass. It had big (in a bunny way) bambi-eyes and thick, fluffy fur. But in those big black eyes, a deep sadness appaered. Father Frances frounded his forhead. Why was this easterbunny so sad? Was there something wrong with his eggs? Or maybe... he had done something and needed to confess... His devoted heart pounded in his chest. He had never taken the confession of a easterbunny, but the heart of the little creature seemed so heavy, there simply had to be something wrong.
'Hey there, little fellow.' Father Frances greeted the bunny.
'Hey, almost happy easter for you, Father.' the little animal replied with tears in his eyes.
'I can't help seeing you're being troubled. Is there something I can do for you my child... hmm, my bunny.'
'No thank you, nice of you to ask, but no-one can help me.' the easterbunny sighed.
'Talking helps.' Father Frances suggested carefully (remembering the 'psychology for dummies he had received as Christmas gift)
'It's a long story and I don't want to bore you with it. Besides you'll have plenty of things to do around here. I know it's quite busy this time of year.' the bunny said, looking at his bible.
Father Frances blushed slightly. He knew everyone was working really hard now and he was just sitting here, reading his bible. But he had never been good working under pressure and he didn't like crowds either. Besides, the rest of his colleages rather prefered having him out of sight because he wasn't that handy. And clumsiness and eggs don't go together!
'Mayday! Mayday! Vatican, we have a problem! I repeat: we have a problem!'
And than... It got dark.
'What just happened?' a little voice asked.
'I think one of the church cloacks crashed right above us. So we're trapped.' Father Frances said.
'Oh great! I'm claustrophobic.'
'Don't worry, I'm here with you. I won't leave you alone.' Father Frances said in an attemped to comfort the bunny.
'Duhuh... It's not like you can go anywhere.'
Surprised by the sharp comment of the little animal, Father Frances tried to figger out why such a cute bunny would say such painful things. But in the first chapter of 'Psychology for dummies' they stated that is was very importent that the other person trusted you. You had to build a relationship. So that is what he did.
'Maybe, we started off on the wrong foot. I'm Father Frances. Who are you?'
'I'm Paashaasje, the easterbunny.'
'Why are you so sad, Paashaasje. Normally this is the most exciting time of the year for you bunnies.'
'I told you it was a long story.'
'Yes, but I think we have time.' Father Frances smiled.
So Paashaasje started to tell his life story. How he grew up in a lovely easterbunny-family as the youngest of 8. The hard training he had to go through to become a easterbunny (apparently, as youngest of the bunch, you can't simply become an easterbunny, otherwise the entire world would be populated with easterbunnies, who, on their turn, would have little easterbunnies that would become big easterbunnies and so on... trust me, the world couldn't manage! It would be Easter all year long... That way, Easter would lose it's 'special holiday-feeling'. And if there's something the world needs... it's holiday's =). After a succesful easterbunny-exam, his fellow-students cheated with the division of the egg-areas, leaving him with... Antarctica!
'As you know, Antarctica is freezing and hardly any people live there. Now, you'd might think: 'But that's a dream's job!' Well, it isn't. Not that I'm not satisfied with the few children I have to bring eggs to. They're adorable and very grateful. But there are also few animals living there... And even fewer bunnies... A matter of fact, I'm the only bunny around.' Paashaasje ended his story with a trembeling voice.
'Oh, you're so lonely... I'm realy sorry for that. But I do understand it. Or at least a bit.' Father Frances said.
'You do...?' Paashaasje asked with big surprised eyes.
'Oh yes, I do...' Father Frances sighed and started to tell his life story. What is was like to grow up in a family on the country as also the youngest. And because in every family there was usually at least one priest... And how he missed life on the farm and his chickens (he had really bonded with them, so it was hard to leave them behind.
When Father Frances had ended his story, they both had burst out in tears, feeling sorry for themselfs and their lifes.
'That's it! I can't stand it any longer!'
'Who was that?'
'It's me, Charlie, the church cloack you're in. I hope you don't mind me overhearing your conversation, but I think it's sad that anyone is feeling this miserable on a holiday. So in stead of wining, you should do something!'
'But what can we do?'
'I know a place called Lantessama. They're having a special Easter Clutch. You might want to check it out. Who knows... maybe there is your solution.'
'I've never heared of such a place.' Father Frances murmured.
'Me neather and we have to know the entire planet. Lantessama... it sounds tropical, or at least warmer than Antarctica.' Paashaasje said.
'Well, it's not really on this planet. But I can get you there. My engine has enough energy again, so as soon as we've picked up my load of eggs, we're off. What do you think?'
'But what about my round? The children are counting on my...' Paashaasje protested.
'Don't worry, you'll be back in time, I promis.' Charlie reassured him.
'And what about your engine... Are you sure he can make it, he looks old... I mean, you already crashed once...'
'Hey! Don't insult my engine, it isn't old... It's a classic.' Charlie said.
'We'll just have to put our faith in God's hands, Paashaasje.' Father Frances said.
So said, so done. Before they knew it, they were flying towards a new adventure... Lantessama.



Candidates had gathered in front of the hatching cavern. Some eggs were hiding out in plain sight, painted in bright colours that clashed with the surroundings. 
"I really don't see a point in holding a great speech or anything." Lucas started, "Everyone knows the rules, you look for eggs and if you find one that hatches, it's yours. Enjoy."
With that said, the candidates set out, while the locals of Lantessama Isle watched carefully, and even some of the isle's youngsters, several only 8 years old, tried their luck at finding eggs on their own. Laughing excited when a bunny hatched, and even though they would not bond, take the chocolate from the hyper kids, making their days.
From the registered candidates, Paashaasje was the first to find his egg. There was no surprise in where he should look because he himself had placed this particular egg the night before. The egg was stashed in a tree, neatly balancing in a nest of leaves that was stronger than it looked.
Getting it down with one calculated jump, Paashaasje gently tapped the shell. 
"Come out, my dear. I know you're in there."

The egg shook a few times and finally, two beige paws pushed through the shell, followed by a light brown nose and two long floppy brown ears. With large brown eyes the bunny looked up at Paashaasje.
"Thanks for keeping me safe."
"Ehm... I hope they don't have any polar bears on Antarctica or I wouldn't be that protective." Paashaasje replied.
"Antarctica? Oooh, I love the ice." the bunny squeaked, "I've been dreaming about these weird birds they have there, I'd love to have one to play with."
"You mean a penguin, Konijntje?"
"That's what they were called!" the brown bunny called, "I can't wait to see it. Do you think I can get one as a pet?"


Light-Brown Bunny Konijntje


Back to the South of the isle, in the vicinity of the nekrat bay, two eggs cracked open. One hatched a black bunny, the second a green male chick. The black bunny did not linger and took of immediately to the Laedryses to announce that he would not bond today. "My name is Svarzen." Was all he said.
The green chick was lost for a moment, until he saw a robed figure that was just what he wanted.
"Father Frances!" he called, "Do you like me?"
"I like all God's creatures, my ehm, chicken friend."
"Yes, but do you like me more?"
"I don't know, Josey." Frances answered, "I've never met a chick dragon before."
"But you do know my name. At least we bonded now. You better like me more than the others!"
"I guess I'll have to make an exception for you, Josey."

Green Chick Josey

Father Frances and Paashaasje are candidates at Lantessama