Cursed Jewel

                            (Xandorra's Place)

Cyan entered the Halloween caverns. The already dark walls where made even darker with the wavering light from the pumpkin candles. Cyan laughed when a very fake skeleton suddenly dangled in front of her.
"Lucas? Where are you?" Cyan yelled.
"Up here!" he called back from his rather uncomfortable space hanging from the wall.
"What are you doing up there?"
"Shouldn't you watch the eggs."
"I timed them at 11 pm, 31st October."
"Honey... It's 10.55. They are rocking."

Lucas jumped from the ladder, leaving 12 bats hanging down from the ceiling. His hands fumbling nervously with the 13th 
"Call the Candidates!"
Suddenly a small black shadow followed by three smaller ones slithered into the cave.
"Hatching?" the Venus Fly Trap asked.
"Evilness!" Cyan screamed, "I told you to stay in the greenroom!"
"As if... now that I know there's a hatching..." Evilness said, his teeth flickering in the light of the candles.
"Oh no you're not!" Cyan said, "Zaranyth!!!" 
"Yes rider mine?"
"Keep this little crawler out will you."
"You don't have to be so mean you know..." Evilness started.
"Watch him close... and flame him when he tries to get away."
The look on Zaranyth's face could only be interpreted as a big malicious grin when she scooped up Evilness and carried him away.
Slowly the candidates filed in. They had been searched far and wide and some of them had willingly come. Some had even dropped out of the sky, well that wasn't as unusual anymore Cyan considered. People were talking and mingling -make that crowding afraid in one corner or bragging about evil acts in the other- and no-one seemed to be left out. 
The first egg suddenly burst open. In perfect silence the black-purple rolled out of her egg. With a seemingly ghostly glow she headed to the group that was away from the more violent members of the group of searched. There she found one she could relate to.
Two more eggs cracked and hatched in slightly less perfect silence. Cyan could swear she heard people shouting 'boo' and 'scared you' in the back of the cave. But when she looked she saw no-one laughing. 
Three dragons walked the sands to the group of candidates. The two smaller ones that had hatched from the same egg were wingless, but not very bothered by that. Two neon lines moved at lightning speed through the cave, one blood red, one black. 
With all the commotion the third dragon had slipped out unnoticed. She didn't want a bond, in fact she had a whole history filled with issues she needed to clear up before she could even think of seeking her lover. Gemma, or Mikun as she had once been named, flew up with her golden red-sparked wings and soared for the moon.  


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Gemma was adopted at Lantessama Isle