The eggs laid silent. A short pause announced itself and almost immediately a few whispered words were said among the audience. There were still 3 eggs. Two in Aseth's pile and one in Ithtyruith's. But only two candidates were standing. Trix saw Kyrenath looking around now and again, but she wasn't worried. Apparently she was a modern dragon who understood that some hatchlings lingered.
Ithtyruith's egg hatched and suddenly two more dragons walked on the sands. Maybe Kyrenath had know this rather unusual event. What she probably hadn't foreseen was the fact that the two hatchlings hobbled as one to the same girl.
"Menygma!" the obsydian with moon coloured wings said, "You're mine!"
"No!" the gold winged male said, "I need you!"
Neither of the hatchlings wanted to give way for the other. It looked like it might end in a fight between the twin brother and sister when Menygma put her head between the two.
"Do you both like me?" she asked.
"Yes!" they said back.
"Do you promise to help me take care of you?"
the female said.
"I don't know..." the male hesitated.
"Then I can't help you both." Menygma said.
"I will help!" the male quickly changed her mind, "I'm Kirdoek."
"I'm Marvysle and I'll help too." the female said, shoving her brother a little to the side.
"Then it is settled." Menygma said and sighed at the knowledge of what she had just done.

Marvysle - Kirdoek

Here are Marvysle and Kirdoek as teens.

Here are Marvysle and Kirdoek s adults.

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