Matrix impressed a Lantessama Shadow Dragon

With perfect timing the first egg snapped when all the candidates and Laedrysses had entered the large cave. The first shadowling to emerge was rather small, a winged male.
Their eyes darted back to the Small Air Shadowling that was busy grooming his feathered body. Finally he seemed to be ready to advance. Slowly he passed all the candidates and stopped in front of the part wolf Matrix.
"You did what was right," the little one said, suddenly seeming to grow larger and more vicious. "I would have made him suffer more though."
Matrix looked down a bit surprised by this sudden blood-thirst. "Huldra, " he said, "What I did was only necessary. I didn't enjoy it." he said.
"That could still happen... I see I have much to  teach you." Huldra grinned, blood dripping from nowhere on Matrix's hands. 

As an adult Huldra looks like this ^_^

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