Kyara and Kendgy

She was looking in the mirror. Damn, did she look gorgeous! Who could resist such a pretty face?  Indeed, the mirror reflected a beautiful portrait.  Long, softly curling reddish brown hear framed her perfectly symmetric face. Her delicate looking skin had the fragile colour of the first rose in spring which shows her beauty carefully in dawn to announce the hopes of everyone: to see the light and feel the warmth again from the upcoming summer. This contrasted with her blood-red, sensual lips which were always in an inviting smile and yearning for passion. But the real attention-catcher were her big, emerald green eyes which lay as sparkling gemstones in her royal face. Their colour matched perfectly with the green dress which was rapped tightly around her well-formed body. They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Luckily she didn’t had one!
‘Are you almost done with admiring yourself, coquette?’ Kendgy growled inside. ‘You know you’re a pretty face, Kyara, but you better proof it tonight! Because, no offence girl, but I’m getting sick and tired of your constant babble inside your head! I wouldn’t mind if I could walk out once and a while!’
‘Shut up, Kendgy!’ Kyara snapped. ‘You did this to yourself, you miserable chicken-livered softy! If it wasn’t for me, you would be wandering around in Tenebrys!’
Damn, he hated when she was right. He murmured something, which had to go for an apology and she now she didn’t had to hope for more.  But what the hell, she was going to have some fun tonight! And hopefully she would finally meet someone who could satisfy her.
This time they would try the Lunatix, the place to be in Luyven. The problem with popular clubs was there was always a crowd and she had to be seen! Hmm, she had to make an entrance, because first impression is very important. When they entered the club, they were sucked into the mass of people. There would be a lot of game tonight and guess who the hunter of duty is…
‘Nice first impression!’ Kendgy said scornfully.
‘Stop bothering me with your silly remarks! I’m working on it. I need some space!’
Suddenly all the people who were standing on the upper floor, were dancing downstairs. OK, that was one thing. With eagle-eyes she was searching the floor.
‘Ah, there you are DJ! Lets play my song tonight!’ she said with an amusing grin.
As if all fuses were off, the lights extinguished and the music was silent. A vibration of commotion went trough the place. Then one spot enlightened again, right at Kyara who was standing on the stairs. With an innocent, sweet smile she descended. When she reached the end of the stairs, she turned herself to the DJ and said:
So DJ, is there going to be a party tonight? Well, then lets get this party started!’ The crowd welcomed this request with loud applauding. As moths to a flame, the men that were present were drawn towards her, started to crowd around and almost even got trampled underfoot!
‘Hush, hush, my boys! There is enough for everyone!’ she yelled amused.
Mission accomplished!’ she thought contently.
‘Don’t be so sure about that, Kyara! You’re not there yet!’ Kendgy warned inside.
‘Oh, don’t be so dull! Let me have some fun, would you!’ Kyara hissed back.
Suddenly something caught her eye. Hmm, that athletic dark-haired man over there was looking very sexy! She heard his friends calling his Nycion.
‘Come on over here boy. I won’t bite. You know that I want you.’ Kyara put inside of Nycions mind.  Driven by her magical attractiveness, he had no clue that he was sinking deeper and deeper in Kyara destructive web. After a few drinks and laughs, so already managed to get him outside.
‘Men, are so easy to manipulate!’ she thought condescendingly. ‘You just mess around with their minds a little and they eat straight out of your hand!’
‘Don’t blow victory yet, Kyara!’
Outside, she pulled him, giggling like an innocent, young schoolgirl, towards the bushes, so they wouldn’t be disturbed. They started kissing and fondling, but when she wanted to move over to the next level, he hesitated.
‘Damn, he just wants a blow-job! Well then I have to change his mind!’ Kyara thought determined. So she opened her box with tricks. And eventually she got him right were she wanted him to be.
‘Hey, what are you kids doing there?’ a policeman said.
Arrrrgh! She hated it when she got interrupted! She slowly got up and turned around towards the cop. 
‘What’s wrong officer?’ she asked with a honeysweet smile. 
‘You, you are …’. Stunned by her beautiful, naked body drowning in the moonlight, the policeman couldn’t bring out a word.
You know, officer, I hate it when people interrupt me in an important job.’
Suddenly she sent icy look towards the cop and, as he had been struck by lighting, the man fell on the ground.
‘Hmm, even a heart attack was an too easy death for you!’ Kyara growled.
Because of her anger, she had lost a bit of control over the spell she had put on Nycion. Now here magical influence wasn’t that strong anymore, Nycion started to see things more clearly. After he saw the police-officer falling dead on the ground, he knew his life was in danger. He pulled his pants up and started to run for his life.
‘You stupid bitch! You let him get away! You want to be chased at by the cops for the rest of our lives?!’ Kendgy roared out.
‘Don’t worry, there is already been taking care of.’ Kyara said on a persuasive tone. A second later, a tree fell down with a loud bang, right on Nycion.
‘You see, no problem.’
With a self-confident look on her face she walk towards the man who was laying beneath the tree. Nycion knew he was deadly wounded and sweat was standing on his forehead because of his sever agony. In a moment of despair, he begged her to get some help, but she was just standing there with her sweet smile.
‘Hush, boy. You would probably also fail, so there is no point in saving you. But that doesn’t mean I’m not grateful.’ she said when she pulled out his wallet and saw the amount of cash inside. ‘We will have some nice meals in your name for a few days.’
Then she kissed his on his forehead, while he breathe his last.
Then she turned around and started walking home without even looking back.
‘So that’s it for tonight.’ she said, a bit cranky because of the fact hadn’t worked out the way she had wanted to. But hey, at least she had the money!
‘Oh come on, you must be kidding! The night is still young and you want to quit already?’ Kendgy was nagging inside.
‘If you don’t want to go out anymore tonight, then let me go! Please, it has been so long since…’
‘Since what? Since your last turn over?’ Kyara replied hatefully.
She felt the upcoming rage of Kendgy inside of her. What the hell, why not? Then he get of her back for some time!
‘OK, lets see if you do it better then, Mister Wise Guy!’ she challenged him.
And out of the blue, an handsome, athletic man was standing in the room and Kyara had disappeared. Or not?
‘Oh, man, it feels good to get outside once and a while!’ Kendgy said self-satisfied.
He took a shower and put on an expensive looking suite. With an conceited smile on his face, he inspected his reflection in the mirror. He was a tall and attractive man, no one would think that he was over 835 years old, more like he was 23 and in the best period of his life! The dark hair and the light tan suggested that he came from a more southern location. There was only one thing that betrayed his bond with Kyara and that were his emerald green eyes. They used to be hazel, but he wasn’t too sorry for that, it gave him a more mysterious look, according himself.
‘So, who is the dandy now?’ Kyara was laughing teasingly.
‘You just wait, I’m feeling lucky tonight!’ Kendgy replied self-confident.
‘Don’t set your hopes to high! You can’t expect that you’re going to bump into a girl tonight that can finally satisfy you!’ she tried to slow him down before he went of to LaLa-Land.
‘You’re right, but still, now its my turn to have some fun!’ he said and with a resolute step he disappeared in the night.
‘Where are you going? Back to the Lunatix?’
‘No, such a crowded place isn’t my cup of tea. I was more thinking of the Insomnia: quiet, cosy and beautiful chicks!’ and he started smiling when he thought of all that young, fresh and innocent meat.
‘Stop grinning like an idiot! And if I were you, I would be more careful with my thoughts because your life depends on ‘a chick’!’ Kyara replied a bit cranky.
Kendgy smiled and entered the Insomnia. It was a cosy crowd and he found a place at the bar. Here he would have a perfect view on his potential game.
Kendgy!’ Kyara hissed inside, ‘Watch your thoughts!’
‘Hmm, lets see. That one is too fat. And she is too skinny. Man, if you’d bang on her, it would be like doing it with a concrete pole!’
A girl was standing with her back towards him. ‘Nice figure!. But when the girl turned around: ‘Damn, what an ugly nose! She could stick my eyes out with that!’
Then a girl who was laughing with her friends, caught his eye. A blond, he had always have a thing with blonds…                 
‘I wasn’t a blond!!!!!!’ Kyara yelled inside his head.
Yes, she would be is game tonight!

‘Bartender, could you deliver a bottle of Moët, Brut Rosé of 95 to that lovely lady over there with my compliments?’
‘Of course, Sir.’
‘Are you completely out of your mind? Ordering champagne??? We could eat 3 days from that money!’
‘Hush, my darling. It will all be worthy.’
And if it worked! Within 10 seconds she had received her expensive gift and saw which handsome man had found her worthy for such a gift, she stepped right in his pernicious trap.
‘So what is your name, lovely lady?’
The girl blushed because no one had ever approached her with such dignity and respect, not to mention, calling her ‘a lady’!
Hylaidra, Sir.’ she whispered softly.
Hylaidra… A name from a goddess for a beautiful, fallen angel.’ he said with his charming, poetic voice.
‘A name from a goddess for a beautiful, fallen angel’, oh, you’re making me sick, Kendgy!’ Kyara protested.
‘Shut up, Kyara! I’m making my move!’
After they had finished the bottle of champagne and he had pulled a few of his charming, gentleman compliments, he led her outside.
‘So, I guess this is goodbye…’ Hylaidra said hesitatingly.
‘Yes, I guess so. But I’m glad that I’ve already seen a part of heaven tonight.’
Hylaidra blushed. ‘Oh you’re so nice to me.’
‘No, I mean it Hylaidra, from the bottom of my heart, you’re very special to me.’
‘From the bottom of your heart? You don’t even have a heart Kendgy!’ Kyara mentioned.
‘Stop with these remarks, you’re ruining my concentration!’
Suddenly he fell down on the ground, grabbing at his chest because of the pain.
‘Why did you do that? It hurts!’
‘To let you know who the boss is! Don’t forget: you need me to live! So you’d better treat me with some more respect!’
Hylaidra ran in concern towards him.
‘Are you OK? What happened?’
Hmm, maybe he could use this in his advantage…
‘I’m sorry, Hylaidra, I didn’t mean to scare you. Oh, why did this had to happen now?’ he said with a faked pathetically tone.
‘What happened? Are you OK?’
‘I can’t help it, Hylaidra, I have to be honest with you: I’m dying.’
Hylaidra was overwhelmed by emotions because of Kendgy’s confession.
‘But how…? What…?’
‘I’ve had this disease since I was a little child. I knew I’d never grow old, it’s already a miracle that I made it that far. But I just held on because I just wanted to experience true love, even when it was for a moment. And I hoped to spend that moment with you. Unfortunately I think that I won’t make it that long. I have too much respect for you to ask you to make love to me tonight, so I guess I’ll never know…’
‘Oh, but Kendgy, no. I know you respect me and I respect you too. But if that’s your last wish, I’ll be glad to fulfil your heart’s desire.’ she said with pity in her eyes.
‘Would you really do that for me, Hylaidra?’
‘Yes, Kendgy, my love…’ and she kissed him passionately.
Hmm, this went well! He ripped of all her clothes in his upcoming passion. But on the moment that she was ready for him to come…
‘Shit it isn’t working again! No!’ Why couldn’t he do it? Every time, this was the part where he failed.
Hylaidra saw his problem and sent him a sweet, understanding smile.
‘It’s no problem, Kendgy. It happens to a lot of men…’
‘You bitch! How dare you laughing with me! It’s enough! I’m sick and tired of that scoffing laughter from you bitches! I’ll teach you to have a little more respect…!’ Kendgy was raging.
His hands, which had just fondled her well-formed body, now closed around her neck. She tried to scream, but could barely make a sound. Then she started begging and crying: what had she done to upset him so? But Kendgy couldn’t care less! He simply ignored the agonized cries and didn’t let go till they stopped.
‘That stupid bitch…!’
‘Did you really had to do that?’ Kyara asked carefully, she really hated this part. That you kill a man, OK, they would stick their thing in a hornets nest to get their pleasure! But an innocent, young woman?
‘Don’t comment me, Kyara. You’ve had a busy night yourself.’ And he poked again at the dead body of Hylaidra.
‘Well, at least you can take her jewellery, now you’re at it.’ Kyara said with a faked coolness. He took of the rings and necklace and put them in his pocket.
An uncomfortable silence fell between them.
Lets go home, Kendgy. I want to transform back into my own shape.’
Without protest (which was very rare!) they went home. When they arrived in their room, Kyara got back in her female shape. They were tired of their midnight adventure and went to sleep without saying a word. She hated this! Now she’d probably start wondering how it had come this far and if she had been able to prevent it. The story went on and on, but she could never change the ending. But could she help it that she gave in to the cry of Love, when she needed it so badly…? With this last thought spinning through her mind, she fell in a restless sleep, knowing that she had to undergo the same torturing like every other night: to see her biggest mistake of her life over and over and over…

She was 17 and mature for her age. Well, she had to: taking care of a household when your stepmother was pregnant for the 13th time! And since her older brothers were out of the house, things hadn’t improved for her. Not to mention the 12 other stepbrothers and sisters. Especially her stepsisters liked to make sport out of ‘lets tell mom that Kyara is lazy’, like she didn’t already worked her butt off! With her father only seeing her as a nice trading-possibility for a marriage with a wealthy man (because everyone was stunned by her appearance) and no understanding from her stepmother, she often felt like she was all alone. She sometimes hoped that this was all a nightmare and soon she’d wake up. At night she even dreamt of this ‘real life after I’ll wake up’, denying the rational conclusion that it were just castles in the sky. But Faith has a sick sense of humour and puts surprises in your life when you expect them the least.
When her stepmother was into labour, it became clear that there were complications. Kyara was desperate. What if she had to take care of 12 kids on her own? What did she had to do? In a moment of despair, she ran to Ferica who was know as being a witch, but also a very good midwife, so the witch-part she’d take it with it! That night was the first time she saw Kendgy. He had been very friendly and caring. While Ferica was on her way to Kyara’s stepmother, he made her some hot coco and for the first time in her life someone listened to what she had to say. Kendgy was impressed by her beauty and intelligence and was sad that this beautiful rose-bottom would probably never be able to show her pretty face to the world. He knew how hard her life was, because the entire village knew that Robrix, Kyara’s father, was hard to live with and he’d never agree to let Kyara study and develop her talents. So out of pity and sorrow, he was nice to her and tried to brighten her day whenever possible. But they both should have known that their occasional meeting wouldn’t stay amicable: Kyara was desperately looking for some love and warmth in her life and Kendgy was very attracted to her magnificent appearance and wisdom. This fairytale was domed to end badly, because Kendgy was married to Ferica. But the yearning to give in to their fantasies, their dreams and hopes was to big and they started a secret affair. For months Kendgy was Kyara’s sunshine which kept her going on and she was his escape-ticket from the life in the shadow of his wife, who was lately so busy with gaining more and stronger powers, that Ferica almost forgot that she was married to him.
On one sunny day, when they were still enjoying of each others company, they hadn’t seen Ferica coming from behind. She had been busy collecting herbs for her potions and caught them when they were kissing. A furious rage overpowered Ferica and her longing to vengeance took over.
‘How could you! After everything I’ve done! And you, little tramp, you just couldn’t resist to steal my husband away with your beauty!’
Kyara started crying out of fear.
‘I never meant to hurt you, but I love Kendgy!’ she managed to get out of her throat.
‘Love? You, little hoar, don’t know what love is! All you did was giving in to your yearning for lust! Well fine than that is what you shall do for the rest of your immortal life!’ Ferica murmured a spell and damage had been done.
Ferica, my love, I’m sorry. But you were so busy lately…’
‘Oh no Kendgy, don’t even think your getting out of this! You’ve hurt me deeply and no one has ever shown me such disrespect than you! You’ll pay! I’m sending you to Tenebrys where your soul will wander around for eternity!’ But when Ferica wanted to say the spell to condemn Kendgy to Tenebrys, he got scared. In an attempt to avoid her spell and be drawn to the dark kingdom of lost souls, he grabbed Kyara… and instead of going to Tenebrys, he melted with her.
Since that day, they are sharing each others faith. Every night the scream for Lust was craving inside: an emptiness that had to be fulfilled. So they went out, guided by Luna’s pale light, looking for satisfaction, which they could never get. Each and every night they were forced to go outside because of their yearning desire to reach the highest level of pleasure and each and every night, they had to face the disappointment of never finding what they’re looking for. This martyrdom lasted for 835 years now and it started to weigh heavy on them.
And there was no light at the end of the tunnel, because there was no ending.

Bathing in sweat, Kyara woke up, but she knew her nightmare wasn’t over. Even more, it would last in eternity.
‘Rise and shine, my love,’ Kendgy said, ‘Luna has shown her domed face again.’
Kyara knew he was right. She also fell the cry for Lust. Well, she’d better get ready for another hunt.
‘Back to the icepick? I thought you found that too messy.’
‘Shut up, Kendgy! I’m feeling the desire to break things!’ Kyara said enraged.
‘Well, I wouldn’t be the man who crosses your path tonight!’
After she had dressed her up, their nightly torturing began.
‘So where are you going tonight?’
‘I don’t know. I’m not in the mood for crowded nightclubs.’
While she was sunken in her own thoughts, she bumped into a young man.
‘Oh, I’m sorry, Miss. I hadn’t seen you.’ the man said polite.
Kyara took a good look at him. Hmm, not bad, he would do for tonight. Time for some magic!
‘That’s OK, it’s my fault too. I was sunken in thoughts. So, I’m sorry…?’
‘Lucas. My name is Lucas.’
‘Well Lucas, my name is Kyara.’ and she looked at him with an innocent, troubled face to make him show some compassion.
‘Where were you thinking of, Kyara?’
‘Oh, I probably shouldn’t be bothering you with my grieves.’
‘I don’t mind. If you want to talk about it, I’m here for you.’
‘Well, it’s just that I feel a bit lonely.’ And a shiver went down her spine.
‘Are you cold? Do you want my jacket?’ Lucas asked concerned.
‘No, thank you. Could you just hold me? I could really use a hug…’
Out of compassion and a bit of Kyara’s spell, he gave in to her request.
‘Time to move to the next level!’ Kyara thought. With her magic, no man could resist her! Although she had to admit that Lucas wasn’t an easy one. He didn’t respond as willing as the others. She’d need a bit of help from the outside.
‘Come my dear sticky weeds and help me to make this man mine!’
The sticky weeds obeyed her command and rapped themselves around Lucas, pulling his body to the ground. Then she started kissing him passionately. But suddenly an image flashed by in Lucas’ mind. The smiling face of his beloved Cyan. He couldn’t betray her! What was he doing? This was wrong!
Besanth, help me!’
Suddenly a dark shadow covered Kyara. With anger bubbling up for this interruption, she turned around, but she had never expected to see what she saw. A huge silver dragon was trumpeting loudly.
‘Make him stop, Kyara! He’s giving me a headache!’
‘I don’t know how to stop that thing Kendgy!’
‘It’s OK, Besanth. I’m fine. You can stop waking everybody up.’
‘As for you, Kyara, you almost got me. Impressive and also risky to try to influence a dragon rider. But you could have killed me.
’ Lucas said when he saw the icepick glittering on her belt. ‘I never knew that going on a search ride was so dangerous!’
‘You won’t say anything, now would you?’ Kyara stuttered in fear of getting caught.
‘I have more important things to do than keeping me busy with you, girl!’ Lucas said haughtily.
‘Actually, you don’t.’ Besanth said.
‘What do you mean? You’re not trying to tell me that she…?’
‘Yes, she is! I felt her strength miles ago!’
‘Maybe she has powers, but she isn’t what you would call normal.’
‘What do you call ‘normal’?’
Oh, it was sometime so hard to explain to dragons what some expressions meant!
‘But you have to admit, Lucas, she is a perfect candidate for Donrivens shadow-clutch!’
The shadow-clutch, of course! That he hadn’t thought about that.
‘You may be right, Besanth!’
‘I’m always right concerning picking out the right candidates!’ Besanth said, a bit affronted.
‘I’m sorry, Besanth, you’re right: your judgement is always correct and I’d never doubted you.’
The dragon let a satisfied roar.
‘Well, I guess I’ll have to keep me busy with you anyway. Luckily Donriven will take over soon! According to Besanth, you would make a good candidate for Donrivens Shadow-clutch.’
She, a dragon rider? Who would have thought! Maybe there was an ending in this tunnel and with a dragon she could fly to it! And if that didn’t work, there was always a back-up plan. Because they say that dragon riders are very passionate in their dragons flight…!

another egg burst open and out twirled an air queen shadowling. The female, larger and more certain then the males had no problem finding her bond.
"Kyara", she said, "let me help you to find your desire."
"I will, Meliva." the woman said.
From behind another shadowling came to the woman. Though this weak air male wasn't interested in her. He was interested in the other spirit in her body.
"Kendgy?! Kendgy!" he yelled when he felt his bond, but couldn't see him. 
Kyara was for once overpowered by her companion. He changed and could only barely avoid the claws of the queen shadowling attacking the one that had taken her bond away.
Again they shifted. "Meliva!" Kyara yelled... "If you hurt him, you hurt me."
"I don't want you gone." she said, eyes metallic red.
"I want miiiine." the weak sobbed, a more draconic smooth tail protruding from the oddly coloured feathers. They shone more orange then blood red, with specks of yellow and white.
Kendgy appeared again, forcing Kyara back. "Medsyk... I am here."
"Stay!" the weak yelled, looking frightened at the bigger queen who seemed to be ready to burst in flames.
"I can't stay around all the time..." Kendgy started.
"No!" Medsyk yelled.
"Yessss!" Meliva spat.
"But I will be around often." Kendgy said.
When the three -or should that be 4?- left the cavern another egg smashed against the wall and revealed a snake-like body covered in feathers.

Meliva                -                    Medsyk

This is what Meliva and Medsyk look like as adults ^_^

Meliva             -              Medsyk

Meliva and Medsyk were adopted at Lantessama Isle.