Kalysa, Kivara & Korona

‘They should make it a law that you’d get a day off on your birthday!’
‘Oh Kivara, if it depended on you, we’d never go to school.’ Korona grinned.
‘I just don’t get it. Why do we have to learn all those stupid things?’
‘To get a job maybe one day?’ Kalysa reasoned.
‘I’m going to be a model or maybe an actress or a rockstar or…’
‘Keep on dreaming, fancy face!’
‘You know what Korona, you should also keep on dreaming instead of rationalizing everything. For crying out loud, we’re 18, the world is on our feet! You’ve been acting like a grown-up since…well I guess since you were still in diapers!’ Kivara snapped.
‘Oh, come on girls, we shouldn’t fight over such a silly thing. It’s our birthday! And I know a lot of other pleasant things to do. Lets just have some fun. And Korona, lighting up a bit, I know that you’ve always been the serious one, but now it’s time to celebrate. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to be an adult for the rest of your life.’ Kalysa said with a sweet, convincing smile.
A half-smile of acceptance glanced over Korona’s face. They were right. Why did she always had to be thinking twenty-four seven?
‘Sorry, guys.’
‘No harm taken. Now lets go, I bet that grandma is already waiting with a delicious cake!’
Kivara said while the thought only already made her mouth water.
‘If you want to become a model, I wouldn’t eat to much of that cake, Kivara, or you’ll get so fat that you can show pregnancy-clothing!’

Kivara turned towards Korona in rage, ready to give her a pissed answer back, when she saw Korona’s teasing smile.
‘Oh you little…’ But she couldn’t finish her sentence because they all burst out laughing.
‘Hey guys, we’re only 20 seconds separated from being 18! Lets hold hands!’
They took each other’s hand, formed a circle and started with the countdown.
Suddenly a boll of lighting struck inside of their circle and blew them all on the floor.
‘What the hell was that?!’

‘Is everyone OK?’
‘I guess so, it just feels a bit tingling. Damn, now my new jeans is already smudged!’
‘That’s why washing-machines were invented. I just want to know what just happened. The sky is perfectly clear…This must have been a chance out of zillion!’
While Korona still tried to find a reasonable explanation for the event, Kalysa suddenly collapsed to the floor.
‘Oh my god, Kalysa, are you OK? Are you hurt?’

Kalysa opened her eyes and stared as if blinded into an invisible darkness.
Korona, what’s wrong with her, she looks hypnotized or something?!’
Suddenly Kalysa started shaking and crying.

‘Grandma! Grandma is in danger!’
‘What is she drivelling?’
‘Someone is attacking grandma. We have to help her! I hope it’s not too late!’
Haunted by their sudden feeling of menace, they ran home. When they arrived they saw five man assaulting their grandmother.
Damn, five guys, how am I supposed to solve that? I probably don’t have to count on Kalysa, because still to much in shock and neither do I have to expect a helping hand from Kivara, because she’d be scared of breaking a nail or something. Korona thought displeased. Well, then I’ll have to do it on my own!
‘Pretty tough, five guys against one old lady!’
One of the men put on an evil grin and said: ‘Teach her a lesson, boys!’
The four men attacked Korona but she made a plucky stand.
Dammed, I can’t keep this up anymore longer! I wish I could divide myself in four, at least then it would be a fair battle.
‘What the f***…?’

‘What are they doing?’
‘It seems like they’re fighting against an invisible opponent.’
‘And a damn good one!’
‘I see I’m too late, you’ve already received your powers. But don’t worry, I’m here to destroy you and I will!’ the man said with an icy voice full of confidence.
‘Oh yeh? Well, give your best shot!’ Korona replied growling of calculated revenge.
They started to fight but the previous battle had worn Korona out so she lacked on speed and strength. With a fast, slick move the man turned behind her, ready to attack her in the back.
Korona, no…!’ Kivara yelled when she saw the danger coming and in an desperate attempt to save her sister, she stretched out her hand. As if fling away with a catapult, the man smashed against the wall.
Wauw, never underestimate the power of a manicured hand!’
‘Thanks Kiv, but he’s standing up again.’
‘Don’t worry, let me handle him. Demon, thou ar’t no welcome here, so go back were thou belong and disappear!’
‘No…!’ Suddenly the man got on fire and with a loud roar of pain he got swallowed  in a large hole in the floor which closed behind him.
‘Why is it always the quiet one who does the coolest things?’
Korona shrugged.
‘Grandma! Grandma, please say something!’
‘Yes grandma, what’s going on? What did these men want of you?’
‘Oh, my three precious! There is no time, life is slipping out of my hands. Find the place where good touches bad and all questions will be answered. Hurry and be careful…’ With these words she breathe one’s last.
‘Grandma?’ Kalysa said with tears in her eyes.
‘No, Kalysa, she no longer with us.’ Korona took her two sisters in her arms and comforted them. They will pay for this. They will, whoever it may be who did this to us. Judgement Day will be mine!
‘Lets go guys, we should be moving. If there was one, there will be others who want to get rid of us. It’s too dangerous to stay here.’
Yeh, you’re right.’
‘Kalysa, how did you know what to say?’
‘You mean the spell? I don’t know, it kind of popped up in my head and I just said it.’
‘I didn’t know what I did either, I just stretched out my hand and he flung against the wall.’
‘But what did you do Korona? I mean it was you, wasn’t it?’
‘I just wished that I could divide myself into four or at least let them think that I multiplied myself.’
‘Well, it worked out pretty fine!’
‘So these are the powers which that man talked about.’
‘I guess so but I’d love to know where they come from and why we got them. So we’d better find that place where grandma was talking about.’
‘She said it was a place were good and evil touched each other.’
‘Something like ‘The bold and the beautiful’ then?!’
Kivara, this isn’t a soap! This is the real thing!’
‘Sorry! If you know something better, than you say it Miss Wise-guy!’
‘Maybe it’s a building like a courthouse or something…’
‘Or maybe it’s a story out of history…’
‘Kalysa, you’re a genius! That I didn’t think of that sooner! St.-Mary’s church!’
‘Of course the legend!’
‘??? Legend??? Could someone fill me in here?’
‘They say that once upon a time the ground where the church is build on was a forest were evil spirits lived. One day, a young girl got lost in the woods and on the moment the demons wanted to capture her St.-Mary appeared and saved her. Out of gratitude, the people built a church in the forest for St.-Mary to protect them against all evil.’
‘That way, good (St.-Mary) touches, literally, evil (the ground of the demons)!’
‘That’s right! Lets go!"


‘OK, we’re here. What now?’
‘Well according to the legend, the girl was buried here in the tombs.’
‘I hope you’re not going to say, what I think you want to say.’
‘Lets go, the grave-tombs are over there.’
‘But Korona, please, it’s dark in there and probably filled with yucky bugs! By the way, in the movies the evil psychopath is always hidden there, waiting to kill the innocent, beautiful young woman!’
‘Good, then I won’t have to fear for my safety, because he’ll go after you. Now lets go!’
Kivara is right, Korona, we don’t know what’s down there.’ Kalysa said with a small voice and a pinched face.
‘Now look what you’ve done! Kalysa, don’t you want to know why we’ve received these powers suddenly and most important why there are people who are trying to kill us? I know it’s all scary but don’t worry, as long as I’m with you, I won’t let anything bad happen to you, trust me.’

‘I know you won’t and you’re right we have to find out the story behind this all.’
‘OK than, this is the door that leads to the tomb. Dammed, it’s stuck!’
‘Of course Korona, normal people don’t go there!’
‘Yeh, you’re right, but we aren’t normal.’ Korona said gasping for breath because of the effort. But then the heavy oak door opened with a squeak.
‘So please ladies, enter!’

‘Wisdom before beauty, so after you Korona!’
‘OK, follow me. Watch your step.’
‘Oh man, this place smells worse than coach Davis ’ sneakers!’
‘Is that the tomb over there?’
‘OK, what now? We’ve found the tomb but I still don’t see answers.’
‘Maybe grandma meant another place.’
‘Could be. I just can’t think of a place somewhere else that matches the riddle.’
‘Hmm, this girl did have a nice tomb, I must say. Very stylish! Look at these cute circles, truly professional work.’
‘Kivara, this isn’t the time to… You’re a genius! It must be some sort of key!’
‘Our medallions fit perfectly in those little holes.’
‘Lets try it.’
A deadly silence fell in the grave-tomb and they all could barely stand the tension…But nothing happened.
‘OK, why isn’t it working?’
‘Because we forgot the spell. Lets hold hands and say it all together.’
‘But Kalysa, you’re the one who knows the spell, how…?’
‘Don’t worry, Korona, you’ll feel it. Just follow your intuition.’
They held hands again and formed a circle.
‘This sure brings back memories!’

‘Close your eyes and take a deep breath.’
The two girls did what Kalysa had ordered them to do and suddenly, out of the blue, they opened their eyes at the same time and started talking with voice out of ancient times and from different worlds that no human has ever seen.
‘Rise from the dead, rise from the grave. Do no longer bring grief to the brave. We ask thou this request with honest mouth. Thou can bring living truth out.’
A bright light blinded them and a beautiful woman appeared but her presence seemed so fragile, she rather looked like a ghost.
‘Do not fear, my children. I’m glad you’ve finally found me.’
‘Who are you? Are you the girl that was buried here according to the legend?’ Kalysa asked with a small voice.
‘No my dearest, my name is Galaxa, Goddess of Love and Goodness.’
‘OK, than what do you want from us? What is the connection between you and us?’

‘I’m your mother, Korona.’
‘Now I know where I’ve got my looks from!’
‘Are you dead? Is it really you or are you just a spirit?’
Galaxa smilled. ‘My sweet Kalysa, as you can see, I’m not dead.’
‘Then why did you leave us? I would never leave my child!’

Korona please, let me explain. In other circumstances I also wouldn’t have given you up. But Fortuna has a twisted plan for each and everyone of us, even for a goddess.’
‘Don’t be angry and so suspicious, Korona, just give her a chance to explain. We were here for answers, right.’ Kalysa said persuasive.
OK, I’ll shut up although I don’t like it. But Kalysa’s right, it’s time to face the truth, whatever it may be. Korona thought a bit stubbornly.
‘Thank you, Korona, I hope that after I told the hole story, you understand the motivations of my actions a bit better.’ Galaxa smiled grateful.
‘I’m not the only goddess. There are a lot of other gods and goddesses such as the goddesses of arts etc. That way there is also the God of Evil who’s name is Tenebrys. Of course, you can imagine that he isn’t very loved by the rest of us. But one day he made some nice  gestures towards me and my heart weakened for him. Day after day he fancied me with poems and flowers and he even made sure that hardly anything evil happened on earth because he knew how much I resented that.’
‘Oh, how romantic!’
‘Yes very, he probably tortured those people to write a poem for him!’ Korona mumbled sarcastically.
‘Anyway, I thought he loved me.’
‘You honestly believed that the God of Evil loved you?’

‘I realize now how naïve I was, Korona. But I’ve always tried to find good in people. I thought it was possible to change him, that way earth would also become a better place. And if anyone could change him, it had to be me, the Goddess of Love and Goodness.’
‘I understand, I would have done exactly the same thing. There is no harm in giving someone a second chance and trying to make the world a better place.’
‘You still believe in fairytales!’
‘To continue my story: we bonded. Gods don’t get married, but it’s rather a vow they make to each other. For a while, I was very happy and also Tenebrys prospered. But after a while, his evil alter ego showed his face again and his lust for power started craving again. He knew that the two of us would be invincible and that we could reign over the world and the Gods! When I found out of his pernicious plan, I felt so betrayed. I had trusted him and gave him all my love, but that just wasn’t good enough. So I decided to leave him that way he couldn’t continue with is conquest. He was furious when he had noticed that I was gone and I had to stay low for a while. Luckily, the other Gods supported me and Tenebrys knew he wasn’t strong enough to oppose them, so he left me alone. But after a month I found out that I was pregnant of him. I knew that he would try to destroy you, because there was a great possibility that you would have both of our strengths, so you would mean a threat to him. That’s way I went down to earth to do the rest of my terms. On earth it would be much harder to find me. That’s where I met Annie. I knew she had a good heart and I took her into my confidence. After your birth, I left you behind with her to make sure that Tenebrys couldn’t find you. At least until you got your powers, but then you wouldn’t have anything to fear of him.’
‘So grandma…?’
‘That’s right, Kalysa, she wasn’t really your grandma.’
‘She was more real than you’ll ever be! She gave her life for us! Don’t you understand, because of you she died!’

‘I know but it was to save you!’
‘If you’re such a great goddess than why didn’t you save her?!’
‘Trust me, if I could, I would have. The other Gods discovered my secret. They weren’t pleased about it but they also realized that you are our only hope to defeat Tenebrys one day, so they let you live. I on the other hand had to swear that I would never come down back to earth, except for today.’
‘How can we defeat a god…?’
Kalysa couldn’t finish her sentence because suddenly a large circle of fire closed them in and an army of demons were ready to attack them. But Galaxa putted on a protective force field around them.
‘I hoped that Tenebrys wouldn’t find us this soon. There is no much time left so listen closely. I’m sending you to Lyria. It’s a hole new world that’s divided in two parts: the North and the South. They are in war with each other. The queen of the northern part is Ninianne, she’s a good person but beware of Thyrza, she’s an accomplice of your father. Help Ninianne to ban evil out of Lyria. I know it may scare you know but always belief in the power of three! Kalysa, my love, I’m sending you to the temple. Always trust your intuition although you may not seem so strong, a great power is laying inside you! Kivara, my dear, you’ll go to the
Forest . Don’t worry, there will be creatures that will be appropriate for you and together you’ll be a good team. And last but not least, Korona, you’ll be send to the Mountain Peaks . From over there, can keep an eye on everyone.’
‘And I won’t be able to do some harm, is that it?’

Korona, you’re not like your father. You’re not evil. Although anger rages through your vanes, your heart is pure. Let your curse be also your greatest strength!’
Korona bowed her head. Was she right? She truly hoped so.
‘No go, my children, I can’t hold this force field any longer. You won’t see me again but remember that I’ll always love you. And although I’m not with you, my heart and spirit will guide you on your Path. I’ll be watching over you! Never let go on the power of three!’
Once again the bright light blinded them and they felt that they were lifted up to they’re new destiny. Mixed feeling of sadness of their loss, excitement and fear for the new upcoming adventures. What will the future bring them? Only Fortuna knows…

~ Stats and Dragons ~
Kivara - Korona - Kalysa

Kalysa, Kivara and Korona are candidates at Keltic Spirit Glade